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VW wants to get rid of turn signal stems

Indicators, lights, cruise control and trip computer functionality are all integrated into the steering wheel, eliminating the need to design and mass-produce these components. Many physics controls are replaced by a single system that can be adapted to different models.

In the concept sketch, VW focuses on the controls that most cars already have, but you can see that there’s a lot more potential. For example, the upcoming Scout models will have an off-road drive selection mode primary button on the right side that will activate all available driving modes. In a sporty model like the Porsche 911, you can choose the amount of stability control intervention without taking your hands off the wheel.

Conversely, it is undesirable for manufacturers to remove physical buttons. especially considering his VW’s buttons Poor recording with touch-sensitive controls. I understand the cost cutting, but it feels like this is yet another Tesla yoke moment. Why replace an indicator stem that has worked so beautifully for over 100 years?

manufacturers should stop reinvent the steering wheel. VW wants to get rid of turn signal stems

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