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Here are the best and worst US cities in terms of EV charging infrastructure

More and more EVs are on the road every day. That means we need more charging stations to accommodate EVs.

Automotive research site iSee Cars analyzed the state of EV charging infrastructure across the United States to see which major cities are the most or least EV friendly.In addition to total chargerWe also calculated the number of residents per charger for each metropolitan area and compared the availability of level 3 DC fast chargers.

Perhaps not surprisingly, California cities dominate In the list of residents by charger, the top three cities are in the Golden State (San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles). California is also his second-place behind Vermont, with 881 chargers statewide, with a total of 44,287 chargers leading the herd by a large margin.

Meanwhile, St. Louis is the least EV-friendly city, followed by Birmingham and Indianapolis. The worst state for EV charging is Mississippi, with just 9,275 residents per EV charger, even though he doesn’t include a single major city on the list.

California also leads the field in fast charger availability, both overall and in individual cities. Fresno takes the lead when including Tesla’s supercharged network, while San Francisco again leads the non-charging network.Tesla fast charger. Again, Birmingham, Indianapolis and St. Louis make up the bottom three non-Tesla fast-charging cities, although in a different order. Kentucky has the highest number of residents per fast charger, with 40,651, ten times more than California’s.

As expected, coastal states have much more EV-friendly infrastructure than their rural counterparts. Of course, there are other geographic factors to consider when determining EV. It’s the weather. In most EVs, the cruising range is significantly reduced. freezing temperatureSo let’s check it out.

sauce: iSee Cars

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