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Toyota could share next-gen EV tech with partners to battle Tesla

TOKYO — Toyota’s overhaul of its electric vehicles will have many ripple effects beyond society. Next-generation Toyota to battle Tesla Full-scale operation will begin in 2026.

The groundbreaking manufacturing process will also be applied to factories that build more conventional vehicles. on the other hand, New all-electric platform Designed from the ground up, it could also be shared with partner automakers, helping Toyota scale up and further reduce costs.

all Toyotaof global businesses can benefit from the EV shift. Early EV business.

Executives at the world’s largest automaker outlined synergies in their latest briefing on Tuesday as they plan to leapfrog global electric car racing in just a few years.

The roadmap, spearheaded by new CEO Koji Sato, calls for new engineering of Toyota’s products and factories. In terms of manufacturing, the company plans to halve the number of production processes, halve the amount of factory investment, and halve the production lead time.

In products, Toyota has a new EV platform, a new software operating system, advanced battery wave This could allow the EV range to reach up to 1,500 kilometers (930 miles).

A more competitive next-generation EV will hit the market in 2026.And by 2030 Toyota expects Sell ​​3.5 million EVs annuallyOf those, 1.7 million ride on newly designed EV architectures made within Toyota’s so-called BEV Factory business unit.

Toyota expects greater benefits from leveraging its new technology toolbox company-wide.

“These technologies should not be limited to battery electric vehicles,” said Takeo Kato, president of BEV Factory. “It’s about increasing our quality and flexibility. Through this activity, we can streamline all our manufacturing and production activities.” Toyota could share next-gen EV tech with partners to battle Tesla

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