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Volkswagen ID.4 SK vs LG Battery Description

The 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 is slated for some big changes. The all-electric SUV’s price has been raised by $1,500 for his, and VW will start building EVs with new battery packs from new battery suppliers for the next model year. Volkswagen recently added his second battery supplier in a new deal with SK, but will get battery packs from LG Energy Solution. VW’s choice to offer two different companies’ batteries for the ID.4 may confuse shoppers.Here are some differences between the 2023 ID.4’s battery packs.

In 2023, SK will offer the majority of battery packs available on the market. ID.4according to electricSK will manufacture battery packs in Standard and S trims that come with a smaller 62 kWh battery and an 82 kWh battery pack in the rear-wheel drive Pro trim. The tricky part is the Pro trim. Because VW may fit models with 82 kWh battery packs from LG. It’s impossible to tell which battery pack your ID.4 comes with without looking at the Monroney sticker on your vehicle. Reservation owners who have ordered a 2023 ID.4 can view their reservation account to see which battery pack will be installed in their vehicle.

To make things even more confusing, different ID.4 battery packs have different charging times. By using an 82 kWh battery pack from SK, the ID.4 can accept a charge rate of 170 kW instead of the LG battery pack’s 135 kW. This means less charging time. LG’s 82 kWh battery pack takes 36 minutes to go from 10% to 80%, while SK’s battery pack goes from 10% to 80% in just 30 minutes. To see the added benefits of the SK battery pack, you need to connect it to a charger that can pump the juice you need. With lower chargers, owners won’t notice any difference in charging times.

Buyers will no doubt be a little confused about the battery pack that comes with the ID.4 and the difference in performance between the two companies’ batteries, but things get even more confusing when you factor in the federal EV tax credit.of Inflation control law Battery packs must be manufactured from materials mined in North America or materials from free trade agreement partners. SK and LG are both South Korean companies, but both manufacture batteries for his ID.4 at their Georgia facility. At this time, we do not know where the battery materials came from. As such, we don’t know if his ID.4 in 2023 will qualify for the full federal tax credit.

But there is another problem. The U.S. Treasury Department has decided to postpone the implementation of IRA tax credit requirements until March 2023. As such, his ID.4 in 2023 is expected to be eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit for his first three months of 2023. A little confusing. We, like many consumers, have wondered what will happen to electric vehicles like ID.4 and the tax credits available.

you might wonder why Volkswagen chooses to obtain battery packs from two different suppliers. It’s easy. Additional battery suppliers mean VW can produce more ID.4s. VW is aiming to ramp up production of his ID.4 in 2023 and stop accepting reservations for the electric SUV from January 4, 2023.

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