Three Ways You Can Grow Your Trucking Business

Being a small trucking business can make things a bit tougher with your competition, especially those who have a wider array of trucks. And there’s no better way to meet your competition face-to-face than to expand your business. Growing your trucking business can take time, but the payoff that comes after it will be wellworth the effort. Here are three ways you can grow your trucking business.

Build Up Your Client List

All trucking companies need to create and build up their client list. Obviously, it’s going to start off small, but after enough time, you’ll start seeing that list grow. You might be wondering how you can grow your list in your current situation. Thankfully, there are a lot of methods you can try to build more of a reputation. One way you can expand your list is to register your business as an official government contractor. Whether it’s for the federal or state government, being officially registered can help you acquire a lot of clients fast.

Another method involves increasing your network. Your network is basically a list of your connections and potential job opportunities. And since we’re in the digital age, you can easily build longlasting relationships with clients on various social media platforms. These platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Because of how widely used social media is, the chances of getting more clients are pretty high.

Invest in the Proper Technology

Both your trucks and the people who drive them need to have the right technology before they embark on their journey. The technology you’ll need include electronic logging devices (ELDs), tachographs, GPS tracking devices and dash cams. ELDs are devices that are installed into the onboard diagnostics system (OBS) of the truck. This monitors and records everything the truck goes through. From when the engine was first turned on to how it took a wide turn, you’ll be given all the information you need. Tachographs are somewhat similar as they record how long the vehicle was driven, the speed it was going and how far it went.

GPS tracking devices are what protect you and your business from theft. They transmit every truck’s location and even allow you to remotely control the vehicle if something seems amiss. Having Samsara’s advance camera systems available for use are a must for every driver. They can keep you safe from any liability claims. They’re small cameras that allow your drivers to see what’s happening on each side. Finding the right one may be a bit difficult, so be sure to review a guide on how to find the best dash cams for your fleet.

Create a Budget

Handling and maintaining the finances of your trucking company is hard work, to say the least. With all the mandatory expenses, like routine maintenance and paying your drivers, putting money aside for your company’s growth isn’t easy. Especially as variables like fuel costs, and driver wage increases continue, finding spare cash each month will ebb and flow. But if you play it smart and set a very strict budget, expanding your business can come sooner than you expected.

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