10 Best Aftermarket Truck Parts Brands

Identify the best European aftermarket truck parts brands—an informative list of the 10 best aftermarket truck parts brands to assist in your assessment.

This comprehensive list of the 10 best aftermarket truck parts brands will help to identify which manufacturers specialise in European vehicles and reveal the top brands.

Why Use Aftermarket Truck Parts?

Aftermarket truck parts are parts supplied by a manufacturer that are different from the vehicle’s original manufacturer. Original equipment manufacturer parts can be up to 60% more expensive, so choosing aftermarket truck parts can make the vehicle’s maintenance much more cost-efficient.

When using aftermarket truck parts, the choice is widened to a variety of brands, meaning better quality parts for the vehicle are accessible for a lower price. Of course, when using aftermarket parts, it’s best to consult a trustworthy dealer to avoid an error in judgement.

The Top 10 Aftermarket Truck Parts Brands

To select the right aftermarket truck parts, it’s essential to know what brands are reputable and reliable. Here is a list of the biggest manufacturers that can be trusted and dependent on for quality services:

1.   BOSCH

Bosch is one of the world’s oldest and largest aftermarket truck parts manufacturers for European trucks. They are known for their innovative experimental components.


Knorr-Bremse’s Truck services slogan `keep it running’ speaks to their commitment to keeping trucks operational. They can offer a wide range of reliable and economic aftermarket truck parts.

3.   MAHLE

Mahle has an industry-leading portfolio when it comes to aftermarket parts for European trucks. In addition, they pride themselves on offering original equipment.


Delphi is a brand of BorgWarner. Inc that helps customers stay one step ahead of the curve when it comes to aftermarket parts for European trucks. They offer a wide range of products that cover more than 10 million European vehicles.


Hendrickson Europe is a world leader in designing and manufacturing high-quality and cost-effective suspension systems available in the aftermarket.

6.   VALEO

Valeo Cooling has crafted engine cooling systems and air management technologies using world-leading expertise. Their aftermarket parts for European trucks are the key to maintaining optimal engine temperature.

7.   SACHS

Sachs has established itself as the market leader in designing and manufacturing aftermarket parts, with high-quality clutches, dampers, and shocks.

8.   JOST

Jost produces high-quality essential aftermarket parts for European trucks such as fifth wheels. These are the most critical aftermarket parts for European trucks like DAF, IVECO, MAN.


Meritor prides itself on its competitive pricing. As a result, Meritor is able to offer low prices for European aftermarket truck parts. Meritor is a reputable axle and brake supplier.


Truckmate is an Australia-based company that provides the best mudguards, an essential aftermarket part for European trucks. They can even customise the colour of mudguards to match the truck’s branding.


Using these brands will ensure the best aftermarket parts for trucks are fitted to keep a vehicle operational. These parts offer the quality of original manufacturer parts with better pricing.

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