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Having a house by the ocean where you spend time in the summer, going up the mountains to enjoy the winter, or having in the desert for a week – all these things can be exciting and fun. If you’ve decided to spend more than a few days there, then you need to carry a ton of stuff with you.

Mornings deserve your favourite espresso cup, and you only love your home espresso machine. You can’t be without the laptop for a week, and you surely would love to enjoy nature by bike instead of just sitting in a small chair in front of your UTE.

These are the issues that will make you pack half of your home when you’re going on a trip outside the city. No matter how big your vehicle is, you’ll always need more room to store everything you decide to take with you. No matter how big it is, you could always use just a little extra.

That’s why many people decide to hook a wagon trailer in the back of their vehicle. Others get a specialized UTE toolbox that provides a lot more space and safety in the back of their vehicle. Both are great solutions, but what are their pros and cons? In this article, we’re talking more about them. If you have a dilemma about which one is better, read the following and decide which works better for you.

Pros and cons of the wagon trailer?

The best thing about the wagon trailer is that you can get a size that will fit perfectly for you. From a small one that will carry only the essentials, you have no room for in the car to an enormous one that will make your composition look like a trucker transporting goods to a factory.

Getting a bigger one means you can literally move everything you have in your home to a different location. You can take your favourite sofa, the entire kitchen with all the utensils and appliances, and everything you may think of in the house.

However, there are cons too. Trailer wagons are robust, big, and for many inexperienced drivers, unsafe. It’s not like you’re driving a car, but it’s an entire long-vehicle truck that’s hard to manipulate on the road. Instead of driving for two hours to the location, you’ll spend three hours all sweaty and exhausted.

At the same time, they’re heavy enough to act as you’re pulling another vehicle with you, which takes a lot more gas. You’ll spend nearly double than you usually use just because the trailer is heavy and will take a lot of your torque.

Pros and cons of the UTE toolbox

If you’re driving a UTE, then you don’t have to get a wagon trailer because you have room in the back of your vehicle. The only problem is that this is an open space, and covering it with a tonneau will limit you significantly. You’ll still have no room for storing anything compared to the wagon trailer we talked about above.

The solution is called – UTE toolbox. You have tons of choices – from different materials to sizes and colours. Choosing a UTE toolbox in Australia is not an easy job because of one reason – there are tons of options and tons of companies making them.

The essentials that you must know when choosing one are that they need to be made of aluminium because this is the best option when you consider price and quality. It is lightweight, durable, and still affordable.

The UTE toolbox is placed on top of the vehicle’s backside and acts like a big store where you can place all kinds of things. It can be connected to the car’s battery, so you can connect a small refrigerator inside, your laptop, maybe even a stove if you like cooking outside.

With the biggest ones available on the market, you can get a lot of room to store anything you need for the trip. Bikes, tents, tools, equipment for your hiking, camping, hunting, or whatever it is that you feel like enjoying in nature.

Compared to the trailer wagons, the only disadvantage is that they can’t provide more storage than what your vehicle was designed. Your UTE determines how much you can store inside. You should order one custom-made depending on the size of your UTE, and no more room is available, unlike trailers that can be ordered for as big as you want them.


These are the main comparing advantages and disadvantages of the wagon trailers and the UTE toolboxes. If you’re going on a trip for a long time and need to pack all kinds of things from your home, these are the choices you have for storing your items. Think about what works best for you, and you’re good to go.

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