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The Aprilia Electrica is a fun and affordable e-bike concept.

The automotive industry isn’t the only part of the transportation sector moving towards EVs. motorcycle Companies are moving in that direction, too. Some, like Harley-Davidson, are a little ahead of the rest. Its LiveWire brandBut others have their plans, Honda etc. When Can-Am, etc.Italian brand Aprilia has joined them with the idea of ​​a futuristic electric motorcycle called ‘Electrica’.

Classical concept fashion, all specifications are slim. But Aprilia said the Electrica was designed to be a very approachable and fun motorcycle for those on a tight budget or new to biking. It be Electric bicycleno multiple gears to shift and can have both front and rear break Handlebar controls for an easy transition from your bike or scooter to this bike. The low seat and somewhat upright riding position should be fairly comfortable and easily adjusted for novice riders.

A very pop design with teal accents. It’s a trim, angular bike. Aprilia, like its other offerings, is also eyeing a triple headlight cluster.

Sadly, Aprilia has not provided any information on when a bike like the Electrica will be available. It looks pretty low-key in terms of the concept, so I hope the product variants are close.

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