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Ford won’t build an EV with a 600-mile range

Automakers are now moving from gasoline to electric vehicles, trading a war on horsepower for a war on range. While brands like lucid and Tesla While leading progress with vehicles capable of up to 516 and 405 miles respectively, some automakers aren’t interested in total range. At least Ford isn’t considering putting increasingly large battery packs in its EVs.

green car reportInstead of putting massive battery packs in its electric vehicles to extend its range, the American automaker is looking at another way to ensure its vehicles are competitive in terms of range, according to reports. It is said that it is considering. He spoke at Ford’s Capital Market Day. ford Doug Field, head of product development and chief technology officer (CTO), explained how the company is designing its next-generation EVs. Automakers are looking to reduce weight, choose the right ride height, ensure aerodynamic design, and reduce rolling resistance. Ford hopes these choices will help keep the size of the battery pack down, which will help keep prices down.

“I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with battery size,” Ford Chief Executive Jim Farley said during a question-and-answer session with analysts at the event. “Right now it’s kind of like how far you can go. But the next question is… what size battery do you need for a competition range? The second question is better than the first. The question is, so the size of the 2nd generation battery is very important in terms of cost.”

Batteries are now the most expensive part of an electric vehicle, and automakers are happy to pass on the high cost of materials and manufacturing to shoppers. But despite the large battery packs and high starting prices, automakers aren’t making much money with EVs. “These batteries are huge. You don’t make money if you have those kinds of batteries,” Farley said.

Ford is aiming to build competitive EVs instead of EVs with giant batteries. “We’re not going to 600 miles of range,” Farley said. “We are trying to make the battery as small as possible to achieve competitive range.”

Huge batteries and long range have become new numbers for automakers to boast. General Motors recently unveiled the all-electric Escalade IQ, which can take advantage of the automaker’s giant 205kWh battery pack. again, Ram 1500 REV The 229kWh battery pack has a target range of 500 miles.

Some automakers are working on larger battery packs, while others are looking at powertrain efficiency and aerodynamic improvements. The slippery exterior design does a lot to improve range, but of all the EVs on the market, the Lucid Air sedan also stands out scientifically, with 516 miles on a 112 kWh battery pack. There seems to be

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Photos: 2023 Ford Mustang Mach E (above), 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning

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