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Lead a sales team in a challenging environment

We all know the automotive industry has faced some headwinds over the last few years.highly competitive Rate hike environment With inventory shortages and increases, average transaction price (ATP) needed creative ways to keep its sales team engaged and motivated. They need to feel supported on the front lines while driving revenue efficiently and with discipline. Looking back at the challenges facing sales teams of 100+, chase auto Faced recently, I know it clear goals and expectationscustomer obsession and relationships were the absolute key to success.

Control what you can control

Sales teams are easily discouraged in challenging environments. While there are some things that cannot be changed, it is important that the team has clear goals and expectations and a deep understanding of the unique value they bring to their clients.

As a sales leader, it is my responsibility to prioritize and explain different business initiatives to my team so that they can ultimately be leveraged to deepen client relationships. Our sales team is made up of trusted advisors and their job is not easy. You can’t control rate hikes or inventory shortages, but you can increase value to your customers by educating them on speed to market, increased automation, enhanced self-service digital tools, 1:1 credit support, better sales collaboration, and more. is possible.

Understand customer needs

Your sales team needs to know how to ask the right questions to really get to know your dealer. Only then will you be able to create customized solutions using the tools at your disposal. By sticking to your customers and putting their needs at the center of your sales efforts, you build stronger, deeper relationships.

Last year, as our rates were rising, I moved my sales team to new and enhanced self-service digital tools, omnichannel resources, and online financial journey. Educating 12,000 dealers won’t happen overnight, but consistent messaging and a human touch will pay off.

lead with humanity

Whether professionally or personally, relationships are essential during difficult times. To exist for your clients, you must first exist for your team. I have an open door policy and encourage my sales team to contact me anytime with questions or feedback. Good or bad or indifferent. I would love to hear what they think in order to offer coaching and try to fix the problem or at least try to improve. Encouraging open communication and collaboration through regular meetings, roundtables, and knowledge sharing will certainly foster a positive culture.

Work-life balance is also a top priority for me. As leaders, we must embrace this philosophy and lead by example. And sometimes, checking in on someone, asking them out, listening, and connecting on a personal level is really key.

Ultimately, having clear purpose and goals to keep your team focused can create a chance of success during difficult times. Inspiring your team’s human connection and customer obsession will drive their current and future success. I am grateful that I have been able to lead my colleagues to success over the last few years and ultimately become a better leader.

Amy Brooks I am in charge of national retail sales. Chase Auto leads over 100 dealer service sales managers working with over 12,000 dealers nationwide. She has worked with Chase for almost 20 years and recently spoke at the Auto Finance Summit in Nashville, Tennessee.

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