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Ford Lightning suspends production due to battery issue

If you were looking to order the new Ford F-150 Lightning, you may be facing a longer-than-expected wait. Ford has suspended production of its electric pickup due to battery problems. Here’s everything we know about the suspension so far.

according to motor 1, F-150 Lightning Production was halted on Tuesday due to battery issues. A Ford spokesperson commented that the Lightning is currently under an order to ‘discontinue production’ and ‘stop shipping’. She couldn’t confirm when Lightning’s production will resume, but it will be halted until at least the end of next week.

she also added that ford “We were not aware of the incident at the scene, [they] We do not believe that F-150 Lightnings already in customer hands are affected by this issue.”

Only one truck was found defective during pre-delivery inspection, and Ford believes it has identified the root cause, but the Lightning is already a vehicle of high interest and Ford has been unable to fulfill the order. I am definitely behind.

Depending on the severity of the production shutdown, Ford may offer incentives to those affected or encourage them to order other vehicles.they offered up to $2,500 Encourage orders for non-Bronco vehicles to keep up with demand.

sauce: motor 1

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