IBM Provides Microsoft Copilot Capabilities to Propel Business Transformation

IBM is introducing IBM Copilot Runway, a novel offering from IBM Consulting engineered to aid enterprises in crafting, tailoring, deploying, and overseeing copilots, including Copilot for Microsoft 365.

According to the company, this new offering enables clients to seamlessly integrate the generative AI of copilots into their organizational frameworks, thereby elevating productivity levels and fostering business triumph.

Furthermore, IBM Consulting has established a specialized team of consultants proficient in Microsoft copilot skills, certifications, and knowledge to steer clients through their AI transformation expedition.

“Dedicated partners and advanced technology are essential for responsibly expanding AI capabilities across enterprises,” stated Dinis Couto, General Manager of Global Partner Solutions for Microsoft. “With IBM’s specialized cohort of Microsoft Copilot experts, we are optimistic about our ability to assist more clients in unleashing the full potential of generative AI for their enterprises.”

As part of this innovative offering, IBM will collaborate with clients to construct bespoke copilots tailored to address specific business scenarios, streamlining the implementation process to reduce time and effort.

Initially, IBM will concentrate on aiding clients in priority areas such as customer and field service, employee experience, and procurement and finance. Targeted industries include financial services, retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG), government, and supply chain management.

The envisioned use cases encompass:

  1. The Procurement and Finance Contract Copilot, designed to aid specialists in extracting valuable insights from contracts.
  2. The Customer Service and Field Service Copilot, furnishing agents and technicians with self-service options and time-saving generative AI search capabilities.
  3. The Employee Experience Copilot, tailored to augment employee engagement.

IBM and Microsoft already collaborate in serving clients across various industries with a diverse array of AI solutions and services.

Moreover, IBM Consulting plans to expand its Microsoft copilot capabilities and resources across its network of Global Innovation Centers on each continent.

John Granger, Senior Vice President of IBM Consulting, expressed, “As IBM and Microsoft strengthen our partnership, we’re poised to empower more clients with Microsoft Copilot, supercharging productivity and boosting creativity through the power of generative AI. Our dedicated IBM Consulting Microsoft practice, along with Copilot-focused Experience Zones around the world, help us meet clients where they are and bring them the right generative-AI-enabled solutions for their businesses.”

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