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Elon Musk-Run Tesla faces investigation in US after reports of steering wheel falling off while driving new Model Y car

San Francisco, March 9: Elon Musk’s Tesla faces a preliminary investigation by the US Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) into 120,000 Model Y vehicles (model year 2023). This is because reports have surfaced of the steering wheel dangerously falling off while driving.

The agency said it was aware of at least two incidents in 2023 Model Y vehicles where the wheel had detached from the steering column. Tesla records a $204 million loss from its Bitcoin investment in 2022.

The affected vehicle was delivered to the owner without “fixing bolts holding the steering wheel in place,” according to a filing posted on the NHTSA website.

NHTSA is evaluating “the extent, frequency, and manufacturing processes associated with this condition.”

Tesla recently “recalled” more than 321,000 vehicles for a software glitch and deployed an over-the-air (OTA) firmware update to fix a taillight glitch that could have caused false fault detection. .

It also recalled approximately 30,000 Model X vehicles over an issue that could cause passenger airbags to deploy improperly in “low speed” crashes.

Last September, electric car makers recalled about 1.1 million vehicles to prevent drivers from getting stuck in windows while hoisting.

The windows in these Tesla cars do not recognize certain objects when closed, which can lead to “passengers being pinched and injured.”

In May, Tesla physically recalled 1,30,000 cars to fix touchscreen problems caused by overheating central processing units (CPUs). Tesla plans to open 7,500 charging stations in the US to other EVs by the end of 2024.

The company has also paused full self-driving (FSD) beta software deployments in the United States and Canada until a firmware update is issued to address the safety recall.

Tesla made more profit than ever in 2022, despite the Twitter acquisition that saw Tesla’s stock price drop more than 60%. Total revenue increased 51% to $81.5 billion, while net income more than doubled his to $12.6 billion.

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