5 Ways To Maximize A Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Riding a motorcycle is one way to look cool while weaving through traffic. After all, automobiles are way too bulky to allow that much flexibility on the road—if any. So, those looking for a quick getaway from traffic might find their calling in motorcycles.

However, as speedy as they are in getting past slow-moving vehicles, motorcycle riders are just as fast in landing themselves in an accident. Considering how many of these riders aren’t that skilled, the number of times they’re involved in an accident most likely reach over a hundred by the end of the year. Because riding motorcycles is more precarious than riding vehicles with more than two wheels, your chances of finding yourself in court also increase. Now, this can be costly, unless you can find a firm that offers no win no fee claim solutions. But if you’d rather take a less complicated route, then going for a settlement is the next option. 

However, you must cover all your bases. The best way to get started is by knowing how to get the better end of the bargain for that settlement.

  • Document Sustained Injuries 

Therefore, if you’re still capable of moving, immediately call for help. This way, you can be rushed to the nearest medical establishment as soon as possible. Even when there are no obvious signs of injuries, it’s best that you still get rushed to a hospital. Because you just encountered a highly stressful situation, adrenaline is pumped through your blood to ensure you live through it. Once that wears off, you’re bound to experience pain soon after.

As soon as you’re there, follow the doctor’s orders to a T. Naturally, your doctors will record your progress, from taking tests to taking the prescribed medicine. With the information they’ve detailed, this can be used to prove your injuries were caused by the accident as well as the extent of these.  

  • Hire A Professional

As mentioned earlier, building your claim from the ground up is challenging. After all, knowing where to collect evidence and which one reinforces or undermines your case is no easy task. But with the right lawyer for the job, you can be guided toward getting what you deserve in your settlement.  

  • Build Your Case

Evidence plays a significant role even in opting to settle. However, collecting the right evidence is the key to constructing a foolproof case. Medical records, police reports, witness accounts—these factors can easily make or break your case. Being thorough sends a clear message to the opposing side that you got what it takes to prove you were never at fault in the first place. 

If you’re meticulous in maintaining your bike, you can make use of statements and receipts that show how regularly you get your tires checked or the last time you replaced your brake pads.

5 Ways To Maximize A Motorcycle Accident Settlement
accident and frontal collision of a car with a motorcycle
  • Be Informed

In a settlement, instead of bringing the matter to court, the parties involved try to resolve it among themselves. Typically, this means determining who deserves what amount as compensation. Because compensation is involved, you must be prepared with complete documentation that’s pertinent to the accident. From medical care to property damage, it’s in your hands to provide a list of your losses.

When insurance companies are involved, there’ll be investigations into the claims, be it yours or that of the other parties to the accident. Always get your lawyer involved at this stage to ensure you get or give what’s fair.  

  • Never Divulge Details

Confidentiality is essential when you’re involved in an accident. Everything you say and do will be used against you, and none of that is an exaggeration. So, you should stay quiet about your side of the case, especially on social media. You’re only allowed to talk once you and your lawyer have built and prepared for your case.


Getting involved in an accident is always tricky. Not only does it deal a huge blow to your vehicle, but it can also leave lasting effects on your health and safety. Because it’s common for accidents to happen, you shouldn’t disregard it. Know what to do when it does happen and progresses into a settlement. It’s well within your rights to obtain a motorcycle accident settlement as long as you’ve covered your bases properly. Remember to document injuries and losses. Include evidence that’ll show you’re not at fault. Be informed about the settlement process. Finally, find a lawyer who can build your case toward a bargain that you deserve. 

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