How to spruce up your home exterior

Making improvements to your home exterior can also benefit your home exterior! Therefore, you should always take a look at the outside of your property to see how future renovations and improvements could not only impact the overall value and perception of your home but how it could benefit your family too. Continue reading as we discuss some helpful tips on how to spruce up your home exterior.

Add an extension

Nowadays, extensions are a great way of expanding the home and are highly popular. If you are a homeowner with a relatively large family that has the potential to expand, even more, an extension is a perfect way to not only spruce up your home exterior but to add additional space within your home interior. Most families, once they have established their family home, are reluctant to relocate, and we completely understand why. The hassle of securing a perfectly suitable new home and moving truly can be an inconvenience! But the difficulty for storage and additional room space is the main concern. Adding an extension can be pricey but can also do the world of good, particularly if you have unused garden space at the side of your home. With regards to the home exterior, an extension can make your home look more modernised! Through the extension, you could add features like a balcony with patio doors or wooden cladding to give the exterior a contemporary touch which truly could increase the overall look and perception of the home!

Install CCTV cameras

Installing home security may have never crossed your mind. However, it can spruce up your home exterior by demonstrating wealth and value whilst also protecting your family and property. Studies show that when an intruder enters your property with the wrong intentions, they are likely to scope out the area to identify any signs of equipment that could record or trackback to them. If they do identify high-quality cameras, they are likely to exit the property with the fear of being caught. Therefore, CCTV cameras protect your property whilst imposing a threat to the potential burglar. They can also be highly beneficial for other purposes, for example, if you are someone who travels a lot on vacations and business trips, you have peace of mind that your property and vehicles are always being monitored. Or, if intentional or accidental damage occurs to your home or vehicles, you have proof of these incidents through video footage. For CCTV installation services, click here.

Replace or replenish the front door

If you are a homeowner, there is a high chance that you still have the same door that came with the property, and you don’t have any intentions to change it. Why not? Replacing or improving your front door has the ability to increase the value of your home and not only that, it is the first section that guests and family members come into contact with before entering your house, so why would you not like it to look appealing? Wood and steel front doors are perfect to install for a more modern touch to your home, and although they can be expensive, they are sturdy and practical. To have additional light illuminate your hallway during the daytime, invest in a door with window panelling, they are super chic at the moment. If you want to replenish your door space, but simply do not have the funds to splurge on a new door at this moment in time, not to worry, you can still improve your front door through a paint job. Popular door colours at the moment include black, dark grey, teal, and dark brown, and painting your door will really help your property stand out from the neighbours! This can be a fun DIY job. However, be sure to do it right, as although it can increase your home value, a bad paint job also has the ability to reduce the value.

Replace old door numbers

If you want a cheap and easy way to spruce up your home exterior, replacing your old door numbers is a perfect way to do so. Old brass door numbers that usually come standard with your home have the potential to rust and deteriorate over time simply due to weather conditions. Online and store retailers offer the option of slate or plastic-covered door numbers that are less likely to age as fast and should keep their condition pretty well. Alongside this, there is also a chance to personalise your door sign, for example, print your street or surname on the sign for a unique touch, and this is not only the best part. Door signs are relatively inexpensive and you can purchase a high-quality sign for as low as £10! Stand out from your neighbours and invest in a new door sign/number today.

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