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Electric vehicles: 54% of Indian consumers worry about EV quality, not range, says report

New Delhi, November 7: About 50% of Indian consumers are now willing to buy an EV, despite warnings, and 54% are still concerned about EV quality, according to a report on Monday. Concerns about EV range now appear to be misunderstood, he added, the report showed.

CyberMedia Research (CMR) report finds why consumers shy away from EVs because of “EV range anxiety,” “initial costs,” or “limited EV charging infrastructure.” not. Electric vehicle market: One in two vehicles sold will have an electric powertrain by 2030, the report says.

“For a long time, limited EV charging infrastructure and range insecurity were seen as barriers to EV adoption. We are doing it,” said John Martin, an analyst at the Smart Mobility Practice. , CMR. FAME India Scheme Phase 2: Incentives for Electric Vehicles, Installation of Charging Infrastructure under Phase II of the Scheme.

“Potential consumers of EVs care about the overall quality of the EV. EV quality includes not only the quality of the external build, but also the internal components used, including batteries etc. It also includes the overall quality of the ,” added Martin.

India’s EV momentum is gaining momentum, driven by strong government policies such as a flagship EV scheme, accelerated adoption and manufacturing of electric vehicles (FAME), and more auto OEMs prioritizing EVs.

India’s EV charging infrastructure is accelerating, with more public EV charging stations emerging. In addition, cross-industry collaboration in the EV ecosystem will also help strengthen the charging infrastructure.

“Boosted by the thrust of ongoing policies at the central and state levels for EV infrastructure development, along with upstream research and development in battery development, will ensure a significant increase in e-mobility launches. If so, we need to focus on generating a continuous awareness of quality and the potential of EV,” says John.

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