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BYD and DiDi-backed 99 jointly promote BEV applications for ride-hailing services in Brazil

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- On July 5, local time, BYD Brazil (hereafter, BYD) and DiDi’s Brazilian-based ride-hailing platform 99 announced a partnership. As part of the partnership, 300 of BYD’s D1 pure electric vehicles will be made available to drivers registered on the 99 platform through lease agreements. Together, the two companies aim to offer local users modern, sustainable and zero-emission mobility options.

Photo credit: BYD

As Brazil’s leading mobility service platform, 99 is committed to providing diversified and integrated mobility services, providing users with an intelligent and convenient travel experience. In April 2022, 99 will join the “Brazilian Sustainable Mobility Alliance” with the goal of creating the largest electric vehicle fleet in Brazil, with over 1,000 new energy vehicle registrations registered on the platform by the end of 2023. led the establishment of Currently, the alliance consists of 12 companies from various sectors such as manufacturing and finance.

BYD joined the alliance in July 2022 and provided DiDi’s first custom-made ride-hailing vehicle “D1” to drivers on the 99 platform. Through green technology, we aim to support the achievement of sustainable goals.

Under the partnership, 99 partner drivers will be able to rent 300 BYD D1s from July to October this year. To drive adoption, a portion of the rental fee will be subsidized by the platform, making this effort more accessible.

Stella Lee, BYD Executive Vice President and CEO of BYD Americas, said, “This partnership with 99 aims to further advance the sustainability and technology of urban mobility in the region, and we are looking forward to expanding this partnership. We want to put more electric vehicles on Sun’s roads.” Paulo. We are confident that this will be another success story for BYD around the world. “ BYD and DiDi-backed 99 jointly promote BEV applications for ride-hailing services in Brazil

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