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NHTSA to Automakers: Don’t Comply with Massachusetts Vehicle Data Act

The 2020 measures aim to give independent repair shops access to diagnostic data that new vehicles can send directly to dealers and manufacturers so that consumers can request repairs outside the dealership.

NHTSA said malicious attackers “could take advantage of such open access to remotely control a vehicle, attacking multiple vehicles at the same time, and other dangerous driving behaviors.” Massachusetts is aiming to implement its 2020 ballot initiative, which has been overwhelmingly approved by voters.

NHTSA added, “Open access to automakers’ telematics products that can be remotely commanded will enable control of on-vehicle systems, including safety-critical functions such as steering, acceleration and braking.” .

The 2020 ballot will amend the state’s Right to Repair Act of 2013 to give automakers greater access to mechanical and electronic repair data, allowing independent shops to use increasingly sophisticated technology. was obliged to make repairs possible.

The Auto Innovation Alliance, a trade group representing major automakers, has filed a lawsuit to block the law, asking a federal judge to issue a temporary injunction barring the enforcement of the Data Access Act.

They warned that complying with data access laws would require automakers to “remove critical cybersecurity protections from their vehicles.” The group declined to comment Tuesday on the NHTSA letter.

In a letter to General Motors, Tesla, Ford Motor Company, and Toyota Motor Corporation, NHTSA said, “Automakers will not allow vehicles equipped with open remote access telematics as required by the Data Access Act. seems to be aware of the security flaws,” he said. Rivian Automotive Inc., Volkswagen Group, etc.

Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell said, “Consumers and independent garages have a right to know whether they have access to vehicle repair data in the manner required by law.”

NHTSA said it was aware that some automakers had expressed intentions to disable vehicle telematics, and warned that “this action will adversely affect safety.” NHTSA to Automakers: Don’t Comply with Massachusetts Vehicle Data Act

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