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Can you see the end of the waiting list?

Not enough Rolex watchesSome have sarcastically speculated that brands are artificially limiting supply to supercharge demand, but watchmakers have always vehemently denied that. Rolex supports the position of wanting to actually wear a watch on your wrist with the announcement of new and temporary production facilities.

What does this mean for watch lovers?

How is Rolex expanding production?

Rolex does not disclose its production figures, but it is widely accepted that the brand’s current production capacity is estimated to be around one million units per year. (movements), plan les zuwat (cases and bracelets) and Chène Bourg (dial, bezel inserts, gems). Of course they are all in Switzerland.

It has long been rumored that report Plans were underway for a massive new facility, but Rolex hadn’t done it yet ConfirmedIt was finally commented on a new site and a temporary site. Expected to create 2,000 new jobs, it won’t be operational until 2029.


Meanwhile, display cases in Rolex boutiques remain awkwardly empty, and customers on long waiting lists vent their frustrations online. Therefore, Rolex also set up temporary facilities for the short term. Still in the pre-construction stage, it has a site at Villas Saint-Pierre that will be operational in 2024, and production at Lomont’s facility is expected to start in his 2025. Buhl’s third site is for recruitment.

Rolex statement: “The new production site in Buhl, like these three temporary facilities, will enable Rolex to expand its production capacity, support growth and meet ever-increasing demand.”

Will steel Rolex sports watches become more affordable?

The answer is probably: FinalUltimately, that’s the whole point of Rolex: to better serve demand. takes time.

In case you didn’t know, the most popular Rolex models (steel sports watches) have become increasingly scarce over the years. The situation was exacerbated by the 2020 production interruption, but it started a long time ago.



The effects of increased production are likely to gradually appear in the market. That could be around 2025 when he has his first temporary factory up and running. However, the good news is that sign The peak of Rolex rarity has already passed. The best pre-owned prices are starting to drop, and anecdotally, new watches are becoming a little more affordable.

it pointed out, Rolex retail Prices will continue to rise year by yearthe brand has certainly benefited from high demand and Rolex watches will undoubtedly continue to be popular. It should start, and that’s welcome news for many hungry watch fans. Can you see the end of the waiting list?

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