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Personal Injury Claims: 5 Steps To Take After A Car Accident

Getting involved in a car accident is a scary and traumatic experience. This is because car collisions can happen so shockingly and randomly that they may always leave you frightened. Most of the time, victims end up feeling confused and unsure what to do next.

Because of the shock, many victims make mistakes that limit their chances of getting the proper compensation they deserve after a vehicular accident. There are a lot of steps you need to do to ensure you get the needed assistance such as calling your Personal Injury Lawyer in Panama City if you live there. But before this, there are a series of necessary steps to claim compensation for the physical injuries you sustained from a vehicular accident. Read them below:

  1. Call 911

Regardless of whether the accident is a minor or a major one, the first thing you should do is call 911. Reporting the collision can help protect you and all other people involved in the crash. By reporting the accident, local authorities and emergency services will come to you and provide immediate medical care.

Upon arriving at the scene, the responding officers will document and make an accident report based on the information they gathered. If they can’t come, you can also go to the nearest station and make a report yourself if you can.

Personal Injury Claims: 5 Steps To Take After A Car Accident
Female Motorist Involved In Car Accident Calling Insurance Company Or Recovery Service
  1. Seek Medical Attention

 By reporting the accident, the emergency services will also be alerted and will immediately arrive at the area to provide immediate medical care to everyone. You must seek medical attention right away after the collision, even if you think that you’re unharmed or uninjured. The shock from the crash and the adrenaline that your body produces can mask any injuries that are not visible at first.

Remember that a proper diagnosis of your injuries is needed to collect the compensation you deserve after a car accident. It’s even better if you get treatment from a doctor and follow all the advice for you. Without a doctor’s diagnosis, the insurance company of the at-fault party may claim that your injury was pre-existing and that it wasn’t caused by the accident.

  1. Exchange Information

After making sure that everyone has received medical attention, you should exchange information with the other parties involved. You should gather the following important information:

  • Full name, contact, and insurance information of the other driver.
  • Witness contact information.
  • Driver’s license and license plate number.
  • Type and make of the vehicles involved in the crash.

Avoid discussing who’s at fault at the scene of the accident. It’s not your job. An adjuster from the insurance company will determine who’s responsible for the crash based on the information and facts gathered by you and other parties involved, as well as supporting statements from witnesses and documents from the police report.

  1. Call An Attorney

This is now where you can call your Personal Injury Lawyer – perhaps one of the most crucial steps to do following a car accident. Your attorney will ensure that your rights are protected and no valuable evidence is destroyed. Insurance companies are always eager to take statements from everyone who’s involved in the crash, but you must have already talked with your lawyer first before giving any statement.

Your attorney can help you make a claim and give you the advice to ensure that you’re fully compensated so that you can get the best medical treatment available for your injuries.

  1. Call Your Insurance Company

Lastly, you need to call your insurance company and tell them about the accident. Don’t wait for them to contact you first. Call them immediately as soon as you’re able so that they can start building a claim for you and send an insurance adjuster to the scene.

This is a crucial step as it’s necessary for your protection. Take note that the other party is doing the same thing; they may pursue legal action against you, even though it’s not your fault. You must notify them as soon as possible as it might be part of your insurance contract. If you don’t call your insurance company, you may be denied coverage.

Final Thoughts

Surviving a vehicular accident of any kind is already considered a victory. Not everyone is lucky to survive after getting into a car crash and come out unscathed or unscratched. Never let emotions and adrenaline rush distract you from doing the necessary steps at the scene and when dealing with insurance claims. Take a breath and be calm as you assess everything. Remember that what you do after a car accident can make or break your claim.


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