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Essential 4×4 Accessories That Enance Comfort and Protection

We spend at least a few hours every day going from one place to another. Millions of Australians have to drive their cars to and from work every day, and thousands have to travel over 500km. If you live in a rural area, or if your commute includes driving through unpaved roads, the journey can be even more uncomfortable. But regardless of whether you’re running errands around the city, taking a road trip in the Outback, or anything in between, 4×4 car accessories can make your trip safer and more comfortable.

There are thousands of car accessories that provide practical solutions to a myriad of potential problems. Whether you want to track performance, know when a part is about to fail upfront, want to drive in the rain with the windows open, or protect your vehicle from frontal impact, there are accessories that accomplish all of this.

As a Mitsubishi Outlander owner, I’ve bought my fair share of Mitsubishi Outlander accessories, and I’ve compiled this list to give you an idea of which 4×4 accessories you might want to consider buying to get the most value. Keep in mind that I occasionally take my Outlander off the beaten trail, so if you stick to the paved roads, you might not need all of them.

Comfort-Enhancing Accessories


I enjoy driving with my windows open. However, I also want to enjoy the music on my radio and have a chat with my wife, with who I commute often. Now, the problem is, once I open the windows, music and chatter are almost out of the question due to the high wind noise. If it rains, on the other hand, opening the window was out of the question for obvious reasons.

Well, the solution to all of my problems were weather shields, also known as window visors. These inexpensive accessories let you have the best of both worlds – the ability to open the window regardless of the weather, without being disrupted by external forces like wind and rain. I bought these Mitsubishi Outlander accessories from a specialised store that sells weather shields for all sorts of models and makes to ensure a proper fit. A proper fit is the only thing you have to ensure with weather shields, as otherwise, they’re pretty straightforward to install, and you’ll get the benefits immediately.

Bluetooth Speakerphone

If you are a busy person, then a Bluetooth speakerphone is something you should consider. You can connect this device to your phone and call people while you drive or change the music. Not only does this accessory improve comfort, but makes you safer, as you won’t have to take your eyes off the road for as long and often as you otherwise would. The best part about this accessory? -It’s extremely affordable.

Massage Cushion

While this may seem a bit extreme, a lot of people feel discomfort and back pain when having to sit for longer periods. Massage cushions are inexpensive accessories that will spoil you while on the road. They’re portable and easy to use, so all you have to do is attach them to the seat. Some models can be heated and feature rotating nodes to massage your back muscles. The rotating nodes are specifically designed to match your anatomic curvature for maximum effect. Just adjust the intensity and position based on your preferences.

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Protection-Enhancing Accessories

Car Cover

Most people undervalue the importance of car covers. These accessories offer protection against debris, UV rays and bird droppings. Not only will that save you money because of the less frequent need to wash your car, but it will also save you from the damage that comes with prolonged exposure to the elements. Not only is this damage costly, but it’s also heart-aching. Car covers are affordable, and the quality ones are made of breathable materials that repel UV rays, moisture and pollution.

Bull Bar

Bull bars are the ultimate protective 4×4 car accessories for off-road use. While the average commuter doesn’t need them, if your journeys include traversing through rough trails, you should definitely consider getting one.

Bull bars aren’t the most affordable accessories, but they provide a ton of value. They protect the front-end of your vehicle, which houses the most fragile, yet important car parts. Furthermore, you can use it to attach other off-road accessories, such as winches, auxiliary lights, etc.

These off-road accessories are typically made of aluminium or steel. Aluminium bull bars are lighter, which makes them the better-suited option for the majority of users. However, those who journey in the roughest of terrains should only look at steel bull bars, as those are the most durable ones that offer the most protection. If you keep to the roads, however, and like the visual appeal of bull bars, then you can get a plastic one that doesn’t cost as much, but changes how your vehicle looks completely. Just don’t expect to get much protection out of it if you bump into something.

Side Steps

Side steps are accessories that enhance the protection of your side panels but also come in handy when going in and out of your vehicle. These versatile accessories are quite affordable, and you can find many different types based on the materials they’re made of and the length they cover on the side of your vehicle.

The most popular materials side steps are made of include steel and plastic. Steel side steps are preferred by those who value protection, whereas plastic steps are preferred by those who just want help to get in and out of their vehicles. Side steps can be attached just below your doors, or they can run the entire length of your vehicle. They’re typically welded onto the vehicle’s body, but there are some models that can be bolted as well. Steel side steps come with a rubber surface to ensure a non-slippery stepping surface.

In terms of protection, side steps can be invaluable when passing through rough terrain filled with rocks or other obstacles that can damage the sides of your vehicle.


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