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Audi’s new CEO: Gernot Derner faces five key challenges

1. New product

Audi has not released a large new model for several years. Mercedes has his EQS, EQS SUV, GLE, GLE SUV and other all-electric vehicles on the market, and BMW has his iX, i4 and i7 on the market. Q6 E-tronThe first vehicle in Audi’s new generation of battery electric vehicles has been postponed mainly for the following reasons. VW Group Cariad Software subsidiary.

Delner needs to ensure that the 20 new models it plans to launch by 2025, half of which are fully electric, go on schedule. Sales of the brand’s internal combustion engine vehicles will suffer as more customers switch to electric vehicles. Bringing structure to what Delner’s predecessor Markus Dussmann called “the biggest model offensive in the company’s history” is an absolute priority.

2. Decision of US factory

Western companies are trying to reduce their dependence on China, which has made the US the world’s second-largest auto market. important. Here Audi needs to catch up.

Last year, Mercedes sold 350,949 and BMW 332,388 in the US, compared to 186,875 Audi. Tesla sold 491,000 cars in its home market.It is not yet clear whether Audi will manufacture Own factory in USAThis offers great advantages, especially with respect to customs duties. It will be years before production starts, so Delner needs to make a decision soon. Mr. Dussmann recently announced an impending decision on Audi’s U.S. production. The rest is up to Delner.

3. Make Audi respectable again

Audi isn’t just lagging behind rivals BMW and Mercedes in model launches and sales. Also, customer recognition as a premium brand is lagging behind. Audi is known for its quality, but it didn’t make a name for itself in other areas for long.

In China, Audi is increasingly perceived as a “public servant’s car” rather than as a true competitor to BMW and Mercedes. Its rivals in Munich and Stuttgart are also technically superior to Audi. at BMW Introducing Neue Klasse The (new class of) software-driven electric platform is due to be unveiled at the IAA Auto Show in Munich in September, but the gap is likely to widen for the foreseeable future. Dorner needs to position Audi more aggressively as a rival to BMW and Mercedes. Audi’s new CEO: Gernot Derner faces five key challenges

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