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Verstappen describes Abu Dhabi GP qualifying as ‘terrifying’

The world champions were gearing up for the first run of the third quarter when there was heavy movement in the Red Bull garage after the car came to a complete stop.

The delay meant a plan to help Verstappen lead his teammate Sergio Perez I had to throw it out the window while the Dutch reset the car’s systems.

Finally, Verstappen was able to run, Pole position on first runbefore later improvements.

In the second run, Verstappen came out on schedule and was able to slipstream Perez, helping the Mexican secure second on the grid due to the Red Bull front row lockout.

Reflecting on his pole position, Verstappen said:

“I had a very good start. Q2 was a bit messy and I honestly don’t know why but the tires didn’t grip well. But in Q3 everything felt a little more normal.”

“[Then] I was a little scared. The car stalled before the first run so I had to restart everything.Then get out and both laps were enough [for pole]of course, very happy.

“Of course we want to win the race, but we also want to be second in the championship with Czech, so it’s also very nice to have both cars on the front row. It’s definitely a great start. For tomorrow.”

Pole Man Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing, Parc Ferme

Photo credit: Andy Horn / motorsport images

Perez was delighted to be on the front row and praised Verstappen’s assistance in improving his chances of finishing runner-up in this year’s Drivers’ Championship.

“Good start,” Perez said. “I think in Q3 we didn’t make the final step, especially in Q3 run 1 wasn’t that good, so we were a bit behind.”

“But it’s good. It’s good to be able to lock out the front row for tomorrow. Max has done a great job for me. We worked really hard together as a team to finish. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.” It’s important. ”

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Despite Red Bull dominating qualifying, Verstappen expected a close race on Sunday.

“Obviously it was great today, but I expect it to be a good fight tomorrow,” he explained. Verstappen describes Abu Dhabi GP qualifying as ‘terrifying’

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