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Lee Automobile eager to reach 1.6 million annual deliveries

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- On June 30, 2023, Li Auto’s eighth anniversary, the company’s CEO Li Xiang released a letter to all employees. He declared that the next three years from 2023 to 2025 will be the most important stage in the evolution of Li Automobile, raising the company from Stage 1 to Stage 10.

With an ambitious annual delivery target of 1.6 million units by 2025, Li Auto aims to become the best-selling luxury brand in the Chinese market. By this point, the product matrix will consist of his 1 super flagship model, 5 long-range electric vehicles. model and five pure electric vehicle models to cater to the broader family market.

Photo credit: Li Auto

In the letter, Lee Shang emphasized that the team’s unwavering commitment to the three value propositions agreed upon since its inception has remained at the core of Lee Auto’s rapid growth over the past eight years.

The first value proposition revolves around electrification. The goal is to enable electric vehicles to replace fuel-powered vehicles on a large scale. The company aims to significantly reduce the cost of electric vehicles and set the most reasonable prices through extended range and high-voltage pure-electric technology.

The second is about intelligence, with the vision of integrating artificial intelligence into users’ daily lives. Large-scale AI algorithms are starting to break down bottlenecks, opening up a whole new world of AI.

Finally, the third value proposition focuses on customers and consistently serves high-quality family user groups. Rather than designing a car to suit the needs of the driver in the front seat or the boss in the back seat, Li Auto intends to take care of the whole family, including spouses, parents and children. Lee Automobile eager to reach 1.6 million annual deliveries

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