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The Latest Numbers on the Auto Microchip Shortage

While the global microchip supply shortage continues to wreak havoc on auto production schedules, the outlook is a notch brighter.

AutoForcast Solutions, which has tracked car production losses weekly since the chip shortage began in 2021, has lowered its 2023 factory-wide cuts forecast. Throughout the year, the company maintained its forecast of 2.8 million vehicle losses worldwide in 2023, but has now lowered that forecast to 2.6 million.

But automakers continue to experience production slowdowns due to chip shortages. AutoForcast Solutions estimates that nearly 8,300 vehicles will be cut from the schedule at assembly plants in China this week, while nearly 7,400 vehicles will be cut at plants in North America.

The company said its assembly plants around the world will cut about 22,000 cars and trucks from their factory plans this week. The Latest Numbers on the Auto Microchip Shortage

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