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The Latest Numbers on Auto Microchip Shortage

According to AutoForecast Solutions, even with improved microchip supplies, it will be at least months before the semiconductor shortage in the auto industry is resolved.

“It takes time to get the capacity to supply vehicle production, which means we can expect a slowdown in production in the coming months,” said Sam Fiorani, vice president of global vehicle forecasts at AFS. says.

Automakers are expected to pull about 2.8 million vehicles from their production schedules this year due to microchip shortages, according to AFS, which has been monitoring the impact of the supply crisis since early 2021. From production plans around the world he has 304,600 units.

This figure includes about 15,900 vehicles that were cut at European factories last week. Year-to-date totals for all other regions were unchanged from the previous week. The Latest Numbers on Auto Microchip Shortage

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