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ZongMu Technology’s Amphiman3000 gains massive production deal with Changan Automobile

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- On November 3, ZongMu Technology, a Chinese autonomous driving solution provider, announced that its Amphiman3000 pilot & parking integrated product has secured a production deal exceeding one million sets over the entire lifecycle for multiple Changan Automobile models.

This remarkable accomplishment follows ZongMu Technology’s previous agreements with Changan Automobile, where it supplied the APA6.0 and APA7.0 full-platform production projects, offering a parking system assembly that included controllers, surround-view cameras, and ultrasonic sensors.

The success of the Amphiman3000’s allocation to numerous Changan vehicles not only expands their collaboration in pilot & parking integrated parking solutions but further strengthens their strategic partnership.

Amphiman3000; photo credit: ZongMu Technology

The Amphiman3000 series is built on the Horizon Journey 3 chip’s computing acceleration engine, BPU® Bernoulli architecture, featuring a single-chip 5 TOPS computing power. It strikes a balance between production efficiency and cost, supporting driving functions up to HWA (highway assist) and ALC (automatic lane change), while parking functions include APA (automatic parking assist) and RPA (remote parking assist).

ZongMu Technology said the Amphiman3000 features a comprehensive set of sensors, including 12 ultrasonic radars, 4 cameras, 1 domain controller, and 2 or 4 corner radars, all developed by ZongMu Technology’s R&D team and manufactured at its intelligent production facility.

Under the newly signed agreement, the production of the Amphiman3000 pilot & parking integrated product will commence in 2024 and ramp up in 2025, with full-scale production expected to be ended until 2028. The goal is to make integrated parking intelligence a standard feature across various platforms.

The partnership between ZongMu Technology and Changan Automobile has a rich history. Starting in 2019, they began deep collaboration in the development and volume production of the APA6.0 system. In 2021, the two companies commenced work on the Changan new-generation APA7.0 system, achieving production on the Changan Deepal SL03 model. Throughout their collaborative development process, both parties have leveraged their respective technical strengths, with Changan Automobile leading in product definition, system architecture, user interaction, and the development of key core algorithms, while ZongMu Technology focused on hardware systems, underlying software, and core perception and positioning technologies. ZongMu Technology’s Amphiman3000 gains massive production deal with Changan Automobile

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