The Best Car Themed Video Slots.

Car themed video slots are among some of the most exciting titles out there. Cars automatically give players an adrenaline rush, so adding them to video slots takes them to another level. We’ve taken a look at the best car-themed slots around. So, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready for a wild ride on the reels.

Wild Trucks

The Wild Trucks pokie is easily one of the most enjoyable slots out there at the moment. It looks great for a start, which is always a nice bonus, but it doesn’t rely just on its looks. It has 15 paylines in place, which isn’t the highest on the market, but it makes up for this in a big way. Players can fill up a reel with an expanding wild when they land the right number of trucks in the right place.  Try this game on OnlineGamblers

This makes it a lot of fun when it comes to creating wins. There’s also a great free spins round which ramps things up another notch!

Fast Lane

This is a retro-styled slot that has some of the most interesting visuals on the market. It has the kind of cars that would get the guys on Top Gear excited! It’s not the visuals that create the true excitement here though. It’s the features that are on offer.

Players have a great free spins round included in Fast Lane. It obviously allows for extra wins to be created, but what makes this round so impressive, is that all wins are tripled during the bonus round. It means that if players are able to trigger the bonus round, then it can be extremely lucrative. What also makes the game very impressive, is the fact it has 50 paylines in place. This makes sure that wins come along on a regular basis.

Gumball 3000

This is a game that everyone should take a look at. It’s named after the world-famous Gumball rally, which ensures that it has a bit of prestige to it. What it really does though, is look great on the reels. The symbols are all drawn to a really high level, and it grabs the attention of players right away. It means that before the game has even started it’s drawn people in.

The bonus features are what really make this game stand out though. The first is a picking game. Here, players pick places on the road map. When you choose a destination, then a payout will be made. This gives players some great payouts, up to as much as 150 times the player stake.

The second is the free spins round. This gives 15 spins to players and any wild symbols that land on the reels will be locked in place for the remainder of the feature. It means it can be very generous with its final spins.

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