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Tesla Brings Back Model 3 Long Range

Tesla has a reputation for constantly adjusting its pricing and lineup structure, refreshing its 2023 Model 3 lineup. The hugely popular Model 3 Long Range is back after a few months hiatus. Here’s what this means for potential Tesla buyers.

The Model 3 Long Range always sold like hot cakes, which eventually led to its temporary exit from the market. Tesla family. The long-range variant was so popular that the ever-polarizing automakers couldn’t keep up with demand and eventually had to stop production.

The LR returns to the mid-level spot vacated in the Model 3 lineup, slotting it between basic rear-wheel drive and ultra-fast performance. $47,240 starting price $7,000 more than RWD and $6,000 less than Performance. Unsurprisingly, the LR offers the best range of any Model 3 trim of the 325+ advertised, but the last time we saw this model it was a 358. Also, LR is $7,500 federal tax credit Enjoy the whole performance.

May not be a buying slam dunk like last iteration, but still a lot to like model 3 LR. Its 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds isn’t quite as fast as the Performance’s 3.1 seconds, but it feels noticeably faster than the RWD’s 5.8 seconds. As with performance, the LR offers the benefits of all-wheel drive and slightly more range. The LR is as impressive a performance car as its more expensive siblings, especially when you factor in its relative lack of upgrades other than its increased power.

That said, the fact that the performance is eligible for all tax benefits is just $2,250 more for LR. I’m glad the LR is back, offering buyers more choice with an attractive car, but I still think performance is the better buy.

Photo: Tesla Model 3

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Building and Pricing the Tesla Model 3 Tesla Brings Back Model 3 Long Range

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