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Statiq and Zoomcar form partnership to boost EV-based travel in India

New Delhi, January 24th: Homegrown electric vehicle charging network startup Statiq on Tuesday announced a partnership with car-sharing marketplace Zoomcar to boost EV-based mobility in the country. Under the deal, Statiq will work with Zoomcar to enable EV owners to earn additional income by hosting on Zoomcar and sharing with guests.

“This collaboration will provide the necessary impetus for the EV charging ecosystem, while at the same time increasing the popularity of EVs among non-EV owners and fostering a culture of clean mobility among the general public. It helps,” said Akshit Bansal, Co-Founder and CEO Statiq in a statement. The electric Honda Activa is confirmed to go on sale in India by March 2024. Please see here for the detail.

The company said the Delhi NCR region will be the pilot for the deal, which will be expanded to other cities including Mumbai and Bangalore in due course. This will allow EV owners to list their vehicle as a host on his Zoomcar, the company said.

“At Zoomcar, we strive to be at the forefront of creating innovative solutions that help shape the mobility industry. We are doing it,” said Greg. Moran, his CEO and co-founder of Zoomcar, said in his statement: The Honda City Facelift is expected to go on sale in India by March. Learn more about styling, features and specs here.

Additionally, Statiq is boosting this adoption with its network of accessible, affordable and reliable charging stations, a move that could spur and even accelerate the rise in EV adoption in the country. It is expected.

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