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Gymkhana 12 raised risk factors because of Travis Pastrana

and “Gymkhana 2022Rally driver Travis Pastrana attempted a stunt never seen before in the Gymkhana series, increasing the chances that something would go wrong.

Subaru of America’s “Launch Control” YouTube show features a three-part behind-the-scenes look at the latest Gymkhana shoot called “Road to Gymkhana.” This third episode (all three were filmed before the death of his creator Gymkhana) Ken Block) indicates how much you were biting your nails during the shoot.

“Travis has a new hazard,” said Lance Smith, president of Vermont Sportscars, which makes Pastrana’s Subaru rally and gymkhana cars, in a video. Gymkhana 2022 is Pastrana’s second Gymkhana video, in addition to his debut, Subaru GL Family Huxster Wagoncontains some of the most ambitious stunts in the series.

Travis Pastrana driving a Subaru wagon at Gymkhana 2022

Before getting in the car, Pastrana filmed a BASE jump off a building in Fort Lauderdale.As covered in the previous episodePastrana was injured in a hard landing and was sidelined for six months, after which the team rushed to finish the shot after recovery.

One on the agenda was rail slides. This is the kind of move you would normally do on a skateboard, not an 865-horsepower station wagon. The rail had to be perfectly centered and Pastrana had to hit the mark perfectly or the car could tip over. That last part was made more difficult by the fact that Pastrana couldn’t really see the rail when he jumped the car onto it.

That shot and some shots including the sidebar that Pastrana traded for stock Subaru WRX, but went smoothly. It left a bridge jump.

A delay due to Pastrana’s injury enabled negotiations with the Marathon, Florida government to use the bridge. After charitable donations were used to upgrade a local skate park, Hoonigan’s crew got permission to film Pastrana hovering over his helicopter as he jumped over a gap in a 100-foot bridge. The crew brought out the lamp.”gymkhana 2020We then adjusted it to achieve proper trajectory and did some testing on dry land.

“This wagon flies like a wagon,” said Pastrana, but going up to 120 mph gave him enough range to close the gap. Check out Gymkhana 2022 for results Please Confirm. Gymkhana 12 raised risk factors because of Travis Pastrana

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