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SpaceX Falcon Rocket cancels triple satellite launch at last minute

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket carrying three satellites called off a last-minute launch attempt late Friday.
The large lift Falcon Heavy rocket was 59 seconds after taking off from Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 8:26 p.m. EDT (0026 GMT) when SpaceX called for an abort. The rocket was about to enter the start-up phase, but the 27 first-stage engines (nine each of the three core boosters) failed to fire. The cause of the miscarriage is unknown.
“We called abort at T-59 seconds. Vehicle and payload remain normal,” SpaceX propulsion engineer Atticus Vadera said after the abort, reported.
“The purpose of the countdown is to help spot potential problems before flight. There are thousands of ways to launch a rocket, but there’s only one way to get it right.”
As of this writing, SpaceX is targeting April 30th for its next Falcon Heavy launch attempt.
SpaceX said in a Twitter update on April 29, “The latest weather forecast shows an 80% chance of a favorable Falcon Heavy launch window on Sunday.
The upcoming Falcon Heavy launch will be the sixth flight of SpaceX’s Heavy Lift Booster, which debuted in 2018. Broadband his service from the California-based company Viasat.
The rocket also carries two small satellites. and GS-1’s small communications cubesat built by Washington’s gravitational space.
The Falcon Heavy rocket is designed to have a reusable first stage that lands like the smaller Falcon 9 rocket, but SpaceX plans to use propellant normally reserved for landing. There are no plans to reuse the core boosters from this mission to deliver large payloads to orbit. SpaceX Falcon Rocket cancels triple satellite launch at last minute

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