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Porsche Vision 357 emulates the iconic 356 as it celebrates its 75th anniversary

  • The Porsche Vision 357 Concept pays homage to the German automaker’s first sports car, the 356, which went into production 75 years ago in 1948.
  • New base, but 718 Cayman GT4 RSThe Vision 357 reflects the classic 356 proportions and curvaceous, smooth bodywork of the original Porsche sports car.
  • The Vision 357 is packed with unique details, from the subtle headlight and taillight designs to the motorsport-inspired front splitter and comedic decals on the windows and side sills.

Porsche loves to celebrate anniversaries. Paying homage to a vehicle or event that has faded from memory, or creating limited editions for customers who only want a particular museum piece, the homage can feel forced. But the Vision 357 concept, which was unveiled in Berlin at the Volkswagen Group’s ‘DRIVE’ forum, is truly special as it marks the 75th anniversary of the launch of Porsche’s first sports car, the iconic 356. and honors worthy ancestors.

Surprisingly, for a concept car to be released in 2023, the Vision 357 won’t be electric.Instead, the Slinky Coupe is based on the bones of 718 Cayman GT4 RSIncluding a glorious 4.0-liter flat six that puts out 493 horsepower. Porsche expects the Vision 357’s mid-mounted motor to run on a carbon-neutral synthetic fuel, as indicated by the ‘eFuel’ logo on the gas cap. Porsche is working on the development In hopes of keeping the internal combustion engine that made the brand famous.

But the real focus of Vision 357 is design. Despite adopting a modern platform, the 357 maintains the proportions of the 356, with a narrower cabin, squat stance and wide rear haunch. The bodywork is very smooth, without the hard wrinkles of metal that the 356 couldn’t make when it first came out in 1948. The door handles are hidden next to the side windows, and the headlights and taillights are barely noticeable, a series of dots arranged in circles and rectangles, respectively. Brake lights are discreetly integrated into the rear grille, which runs from the rear glass to the diffuser.

2023 Porsche Vision 357 Concept


The Vision 357 also includes a tribute to Porsche’s motorsport heritage, most notably the ’75’ racing number adorning the doors and bonnet. The side sills are mission R concept When Cayman GT4 ePerformance PrototypeThe concept rides on 20-inch magnesium wheels with carbon fiber hubcaps that straddle the line between ’80s race car aero discs and traditionally spoked wheels.

2023 Porsche Vision 357 Concept


Porsche’s designers undoubtedly had fun designing the Vision 357, as evidenced by the comedy stickers that dot the body. A small cloud emblazoned with the word “Air” sits on the side glass just in front of the air intake, commanding ambient air to flow naturally into the engine. Derived from a conversation the designer had while working on the project, he joked that he made the vehicle “like a dinosaur” because he was creating a gas-powered concept in 2023.

After Vision 357’s Berlin exhibition ends in mid-February, it will appear at events around the world. Hopefully, the timeless design will Next-gen electric 718 sports car planned for 2025.

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