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Police chase Florida Man driving on 3 tires (cars usually have 4) at 95 mph

Driving while intoxicated along Interstate 95 at a speed of more than 95 miles per hour is never a good idea. Doing it in a Hyundai with only three tires is a worse idea.

According to police in Brevard County, Florida, who were pursuing the car at high speed on Sunday evening, the vehicle had slipped one of its front tires and was riding on a rim. And the rim was nearly in pieces when the car was stopped.

Sheriffs’ deputies were alerted about the speeder thanks to a 911 call from another driver, and finally pulled over the car after a pursuit of about 35 miles. Deputies discovered the 25-year-old driver was “quite intoxicated,” according to a report in the Miami Herald.

Dash cam video shows deputies got the driver to pull off on the shoulder of I-95, where he “rolled down his window and began to communicate” with obscene hand gestures. The suspect exited the car — still using obscene hand gestures — after being told a taser might be used, officials said.

The Sonata lost the tire during the chase, but the driver continued on ‘like a madman, with his flashers on as he sped in and out of traffic,” the Herald reported.

The sheriff’s office said the suspect, who was not identified, was charged with DUI, reckless driving, and resisting an officer without violence. Bond was set at $1,500. Police chase Florida Man driving on 3 tires (cars usually have 4) at 95 mph

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