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Logano ‘didn’t brake check anyone’ in Fontana NASCAR Cup restart chaos

Four cars were taken out of the race by chain-reaction crashes that occurred just before the half-distance during the final race of the two-mile format at the California track. It was the largest multi-car accident in the history of the track’s Cup.

team penskeLogano said the larger restart zone, which has been expanded by 50% for the first five races of 2023 as an experiment, means cars are more likely to try and give him a choice as the leading car. . when accelerating.

However, his decision to go relatively deep into the zone meant that some cars in the pack were too early, and that was the responsibility of the cars that were in the middle of the field.

“Go back and look at the data. I didn’t do anything,” says Logano. “I rolled it and it went like everyone expected.

“This is part of the new restart zone. I was.

“I didn’t have anyone do a brake check. It may look like it, but if you go back and look, you’ll see it’s not there.”

Ford Driver Fellow Aric AlmirolaImmediately after being told by a spotter that Logano was responsible for causing the stackup, said: Restart he zone position was correct about where to accelerate.

“It was just a huge accordion effect. We’re back in 16th place, so we’re all just starting to stack up and we can’t stop on a dime. With a stupid Mickey Mouse reboot, like this out of the race Sorry to drop out, but I should have known better.”

Christopher BellStarting the race from pole position after qualifying was rained out, he was another one who collided with the car in front and was slammed from behind and taken out.

“I can’t see what’s going on,” he said. “You’re just trying to get away from the guy in front of you and suddenly he slows down and I’m into him and the other guys are into me.”

Ryan Preecewas also forced to shunt. Logano ‘didn’t brake check anyone’ in Fontana NASCAR Cup restart chaos

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