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Norda Launches New Bio-Dyneema Trail Running Shoe 002

I had the opportunity to interview you last year. A new rise in the trail running worldbased in Montreal Nolda,for us spring magazine. Born in the midst of a global pandemic, the brand took a while to catch on, but preferred to release quietly. There was no mass marketing of his campaigns or paid articles, just a few kicks being distributed to some of the elite pro trail her runners and close friends of the brand (one of whom was her). satisfaction and Sieletwo of the brands Norda has collaborated with in 2022).

Since its launch, the 001 has been worn by elite athletes such as ultrarunners in Serbia. Jovika Spadjićwho wore Norda 001 in Moab 240 and British Spine Race Challenger North. You can also find shoes for multi-hyphenation athletes such as: Patrick Standbyis routinely rocking Norda on knee-deep Scandinavian winter runs. It’s no exaggeration to say that this shoe is trusted by all types of runners in all environments. Now, Norda has expanded its lineup and launched a second trail his runner, the aptly named 002.

Why Norda Matters

From the beginning, the brand’s real appeal has been its ability to leverage its strengths. bio-based dyneema, an ultra-lightweight fiber that is 15 times stronger than steel by weight. Originally used as fishing nets and tackle, Dyneema has expanded into the outdoor world thanks to brands such as Hyperlite Mountain Gear. Norda put a twist on this, using chemical magic to develop the Dyneema fabric that the brand’s designer used in the upper of his flagship shoe, the 001. We really like the shoes. This shoe was this writer’s favorite shoe for both road and trail running. 2022 (I ran a half marathon on the roads of Central Park in Norda, just by my own choice).

build on the original

The 002 retains the familiar bio-based Dyneema upper and Vibram midsole of its predecessor, but further extends the brand’s mission to create “the Lamborghini of trail footwear,” according to co-founder Nick Martyre. There are some important changes to drive. Compared to the 001, the 002 has a lower stack height for better board feel and added padding around the heel collar for more protection and comfort on the trail. The Dyneema has also been improved, with a seamless construction and a ripstop-like top layer, making it even more durable than before.

Thanks to the heavily lugged sole, Vibram rubber is no match for rocky terrain. That said, you’ll still see us rocking it on the street.


Are you a fan of 001?please do not worry

Norda’s team designed the 002 to complement the 001 rather than replace it. The shoes feel different in certain ways, but the DNA remains. Designed to be extremely responsive, the 002 evolves elements of the 001 to create a shoe that OG has excelled in. In a world where supershoes are the norm, Norda has bounced back, opting to evolve from the ground up rather than simply throwing in carbon plates.

Another widely loved aspect of the Norda 001 is its appearance. Although most trail running shoes are very ugly (Salomon XT-6 Nevertheless), Norda is beautiful in one word. It quickly took a place in the fashion world, resulting in calls for wholesale purchases from. Mr. PorterBrand Associates Canadian sense and further hackberry. Not only did retailers ask for the shoes, but Capital F fashion brands like Zegna also approached, resulting in Engaging collaboration Established a firm position for the brand in the fashion field. The 002 is equally beautiful, adding Montreal’s three local mountain terrains to the upper, bringing a sort of rectangular lacing his stripes and trail his running is an exercise in ups and downs. increase.

After my good experience with 001, I’m happy to confirm that the best parts of the original haven’t been completely thrown out the window. just improved. Starting today, May 25, you can purchase his Norda 002 in Alpine White or Summit Black for $295. Norda Launches New Bio-Dyneema Trail Running Shoe 002

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