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MG Cyberstar electric roadster officially unveiled in China

we have covered Incoming MG Cyberstar For years, but now the production version is finally ready to feast our eyes. auto shanghai For 2023 show, Cyberster ready to focus on die-hard fans electric convertibleUnfortunately, it will not be sold in North America. People in Asia and Europe will be the lucky ones to indulge in electric fun without a roof.

There’s not much to officially talk about other than the designs you can check out in the gallery at the top of this post. Additionally, the door goes up in a scissors style. sports car level. The soft top is made of fabric and seems to be electric.That wheel looks big and hides a big Brembo break inside. You can’t see much of the interior, but this car rocks red leather and has electrically adjustable seats. If you squint in the overhead shot, you can see the big screen, but there seems to be a lot of physical buttons scattered around the center stack as well.

“Cyberster’s focus was to create designs that honored the brand’s illustrious past and revived its sporting pedigree, but fully realized that it should be as modern and forward-looking as MG today. clarified to .with the rapid transition to Electric carsaid Karl Gotham, MG’s Advanced Design Director.

Official specs are not available, but details have been published by Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently found hereIf this information is final, we can expect the Cyberster to come in both single and dual motor layouts. The single motor version is expected to make 309 hp and the dual motor version up to 536 hp. Weight is predictably the enemy, with the single-motor version light at 4,078 pounds and the dual-motor heavier at 4,376 pounds.As far as size goes, Cyberster is Miata and Boxster 178.5 inches long. Again, these are leaked specs, so take that into consideration until MG releases official information.

MG says the Cyberster will arrive in Europe and the UK by the summer of 2024, but pricing is still a question mark.

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