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Mercedes plans to end EQ branding on electric models by 2024

  • Mercedes-Benz By 2024, the company will stop using EQ branding on new EVs, according to today’s report from the German publication. Handelsblatt.
  • The paper cites an unnamed source at Mercedes who claims the branding will become redundant with the switch to electric-only models.
  • We reached out to company spokespeople to confirm the report, but they have yet to respond to our requests for comment.

Today, it is very easy to distinguish between all-electric Mercedes-Benz and petrol-burning models. The former, albeit with blob-like bodywork, is not only aerodynamically optimized, but also badged with the prefix EQ. By then, that wouldn’t be the case with Mercedes’ new EV. Handelsblatt.

The scoop now being picked up by numerous media outlets is based on internal sources claiming that once Mercedes switches to an electric-only lineup, the EQ brand will become unnecessary. It makes sense. For example, no need for an electric version. S-class Called EQS If there is no S-class of gas supply.

Of course, it’s still some time before Mercedes fully embraces electric models, so we don’t expect the EQ sub-brand to be completely eradicated for the foreseeable future. Instead, we believe new electric models will begin adopting traditional nameplates in the next few years, just as existing internal combustion engines are ending the current generation.

We have reached out to a Mercedes-Benz spokesperson to confirm reports of the company’s plans.

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