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Johan de Nischen looks like he can’t retire

As if that wasn’t enough, the supposedly retired executive has now been lured back to work at auto tech startup Propitious Technologies LLC.

Propitious announced earlier this month that de Nysschen has been named CEO of Phoenix. “Responsible for articulating the vision for Propitious’ patent-pending emissions reduction technology, developing product rollout plans, securing funding to drive company growth, and negotiating with potential acquisition partners.”

De Nysschen describes the new technology as an environmentally friendly alternative to the large diesel generators that keep the country’s roughly half a million refrigerated trucks cool. Simply put, it works by capturing kinetic energy. As the truck rumblings down the highway, a power-generating suspension system connected to a generator produces power for cooling. A secondary compact battery storage unit can store enough power for the night while the driver parks the truck and sleeps.

That is, a power plant that harvests power from the rumbling and squeezing sounds that occur on normal roads and harvests the energy produced by the slight up-and-down motion of the trailer on its suspension.

De Nysschen is enthusiastic about the technology because it is an environmentally friendly, largely unregulated diesel exhaust system that works through what he calls a “wavy mass.” He said it was because he was replacing it.

The same kind of emissions reductions could be achieved with larger batteries, he acknowledged.

De Nysschen estimates that the Propitious system will cost around £1,800 and cost around $20,000.

“This is a very attractive opportunity,” he said. “It’s been enough to get me out of retirement and I feel incredibly energized and intellectually stimulated.

“I don’t have time to play golf.” Johan de Nischen looks like he can’t retire

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