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Hyundai Motor Develops Lunar Exploration Mobility ‘Rover’, Evolving as Future Mobility Solution Provider

Seoul, April 20th: Hyundai Motor announced Thursday that it will develop a lunar exploration mobility ‘Rover’ as it seeks to transform itself into a mobility solutions provider of the future. Maruti Suzuki FRONX will officially go on sale next week. Everything you need to know, from specs to safety features, is here.

Last July, Hyundai Motor signed memorandums of understanding for the project with six South Korean aeronautical research institutes, including the Korea Aerospace Research Institute and the Korea Automotive Technology Research Institute, the company said in a statement. Asteroid Warning: Be aware of NASA’s announcement of two mega asteroids that will pass Earth on April 21st.

Hyundai and the research institute aim to collect minerals, conduct environmental analysis, and conduct other scientific projects when the rover successfully lands on the moon’s south pole.

“The creation of the Lunar Exploration Mobility Development Model not only reflects this goal, but also demonstrates our ambition to face significant challenges and achieve tangible results. is expanding beyond land, sea and air mobility: space mobility,” said Yong Wha Kim, EVP and Head of R&D Planning and Coordination Center at Hyundai and Kia Motors.

On Thursday, the South Korean automaker unveiled concept images of a rover that could weigh up to 70 kilograms, Yonhap reported. The maker of the Sonata sedan and Santa Fe SUV plans to complete the Rover development model in the second half of next year. We aim to introduce the final version of the rover in 2027.

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