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I fell in love with running again thanks to the Nike Run Club app

i used to runner. At least that’s how I saw myself. Back then as a runner, and more recently as a former runner. Most of the 20-somethings put on their running shoes at least three times a week and kept running 3-8 miles. It wasn’t just the need to stay fit that drove me. It was blissful speed, a charge of power, a breeze in my face and a warm pain in my leg. I loved running enough to do stupid things like, for example: Run a marathon without training, driven only by enthusiasm and overconfidence.

But life goes on, times change, and old habits are replaced by new ones. After moving from Brooklyn to a part of Manhattan that apparently lacks big parks (especially since then) East River Park, long used and loved by runners, is being run down for renovationsthank you de Blasio), I found myself hitting the gym’s cardio machines regularly all year round instead of hitting the sidewalk in the warmer months.

But after years of going to the gym and constantly switching channels on my elliptical for regularly scheduled workouts, I began to rediscover the joy of running. I think of myself as a runner again. Frankly, it’s almost entirely thanks to: Nike Run Club App.

Nike Run Club: Our Thoughts

Nike’s Run Club may seem like a gimmick at first. Who needs an app for running? But after trying it out, I can say that this is a great exercise companion that can truly unleash (or reopen) your passion for the sport. I’m happy (and a little surprised). And it’s free, so if you’re into running, at least there’s no reason not to give it a try.

Will Seibel Courtney

Nike Run Club’s Killer Apps: Coaches Like Coach Bennett

The Nike Running App offers guided runs ranging from the easiest pace imaginable to the most intense workouts. But in my case, the magic of the source lies not only in the program, but also in the person behind the instruction. Nike Running Head Coach Chris Bennett.

Nike Run Club App

You will fall in love with this man in no time.

Will Seibel Courtney

I first met Coach Bennett at a Camp Nike event in upstate New York. There he was revealed to be a man with an always upbeat demeanor and a Ted Russo-like mustache. Having played sports in school for many years, I was ironic about what coaches actually do as an athlete. I have never responded well to yelling, bullying commands, or attempts to motivate through humiliation or anger. Working with Coach B, affectionately called Coach B at Nike, I realized it wasn’t the coaching that I had a poor response to. bad coaching.

camp nike coach bennett

Coach Bennett (wearing a green cap) warms up Camp Nike participants before a run.

Will Seibel Courtney

As you may have guessed by now, Coach Bennett is by no means a bad coach. He is concise in his inspiration, polite, and surprisingly motivating without falling into cliche or bromide. His coaching is always upbeat. “What’s the difference between running and walking? It’s flying. It’s flying little by little,” he told me. (Even when speaking to a group, Coach Bennett has a way of making it feel as if he is speaking directly to you.)

When it comes to speed and effort, he’s equally kind and smart. “Easy is effort, not pace,” he says. He makes a point of taking his time and not going overboard with running. “To be cowardly is to blame yourself,” he says. Always waiting for the next run. “Every finish line is a starting line in disguise.”

Coach Bennett’s app-based training brings the exact same kind of wisdom, positivity, and motivation that he provides in person. With his guided runs, I’m already starting to push myself a little harder than normal in ways I’ve never done before. For example, combine interval training. I had never been tempted to try such a method before, but the gentle guidance of the app-based training and the gentle style of Coach B encouraged me to do so.

Of course, if you don’t like Coach Bennett, the app also offers a number of guided runs led virtually by other Nike coaches with their own style, each of whom will keep you fit and fit again and again. It can also take you on a journey. Think of it like a variety of adventure books to choose from…but you know, for running.

Nike Run Club Coach Bennett Ted Russo Believe

For those who doubt Ted Russo, Coach Bennett is literally talking about the word “BELIEVE” while holding up a billboard.

Will Seibel Courtney

App is well designed and easy to use

Any fitness app, really any app, regardless of what metrics it tracks or the features it offers, is ultimately only worth it if you want to use it. Luckily, Nike didn’t cheapen its development costs. The Nike Run Club App works like magic.

The app has a streamlined and intuitive user interface that makes kicking off a run super easy and lets you sort your options by coach, type, length, and more. The app also offers the ability to set up a range of cardio training plans, from starting a month-long run to training for a serious marathon. You can even add friends to your virtual crew so they can virtually train together. It also tracks your runs, of course, so you can track the route you’ve taken, the miles you’ve logged, and the pace you’ve set.

Nike Run Club App

Starting a run is as easy as tapping the big yellow button, or tapping it twice. The first tap downloads the file, the second tap starts execution.

Will Seibel Courtney

Nike Run Plus works well on other platforms and devices.Sync seamlessly Spotify or Apple Music You can create an account so you can keep listening to your favorite songs while your running coach guides you through your exercises. The music volume seamlessly increases or decreases depending on whether you are being coached at the moment. (That said, it forces the app to re-sync with your Spotify account every time you start a run, which creates a hiccup.) And the Apple Watch integration works pretty well, too. Wearing such a device on your wrist will help you focus by displaying important metrics without irrelevant information.

Nike Run Club is free

There are many apps out there that aim to help you track your health and improve your fitness. Some are free, some are cheap, and some are surprisingly expensive. Nike’s apps fall into the first category, with no purchase or subscription fees. So the entry barrier is very low.

Of course, a cynic might argue that more running addiction would wear out sneakers and shoes. Other running gear Additionally, building a positive connection with Swoosh makes them more likely to choose Swoosh running shoes and other jogging/fitness gear over competitors when replacing worn items. Consider the ability to tag your shoes, track wear and let you know when it’s time to replace them, among the many features this app offers. Also, considering my personal tendency to keep shoes on until the soles show through, I’ll admit that too. It sounds a little true. Still, at the end of the day, there is value in products that help you perform better and enjoy life more, and the Nike Run Club App certainly ticks that box.

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