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BMW’s patented ability to adjust EV drive modes

Drive modes aren’t new, but BMW may offer more in-depth customization in future high-performance EVs.

first discovered by carbaza recent patent application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) allows the driver to go beyond current driving modes and adjust things like throttle mapping and torque delivery to dramatically change the behavior of the car. to

Instead of a limited number of modes with fixed settings such as Sport or Eco, the system presents the driver with graphs and allows custom settings to be selected depending on the application. It takes advantage of the great flexibility of electric motors, which can be powered up or down linearly like a dimmer switch. Also, most electric powertrains use his one-speed gearbox, so vehicle speed correlates more directly with accelerator pedal position.

Taking advantage of these properties, the system proposed by BMW is based on acceleration and speed curves. The acceleration curve resembles the throttle he mapping used in current internal combustion engine cars, and the speed curve equates a given pedal position to a given speed. Both can be adjusted for each application by dragging a curve along a graph displayed on the vehicle’s touchscreen.This is BMW’s EV sound designed by Hans Zimmer These adjustments may change.

Patent image of BMW exclusive EV drive mode

As CarBuzz points out, the system has several potential advantages. By choosing a non-linear speed or acceleration curve, the driver mimics the behavior of an internal combustion engine vehicle, favoring the peaks and troughs of the torque curve of a gasoline engine and temporarily mimicking the flat torque curve inherent in an electric motor. You can disable it. The car can also be programmed to accelerate more slowly than it otherwise would, providing a safety net for novice drivers and drivers unfamiliar with the power and rapid acceleration of high-performance EVs.

Patented ideas don’t always end up in production, but we do know that BMW is planning an M-car electric car. have already sold iX M60 and i4 M50and recently showed 650 hp i7 M70It’s also teasing models with more extensive upgrades. 4 motor drivetrain. BMW’s patented ability to adjust EV drive modes

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