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2024 Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheeling Edition Gives Off ’70s Vibes

  • The 2024 Ford Bronco Sport arrives with a new Free Wheeling special edition that gives off ’70s vibes and starts at $35,325.
  • The Free Wheeling model features sunset-like graphics inside and out along with funky red-accented wheels.
  • For 2024, the Bronco Sport also gains a Black Appearance package that, you guessed it, dresses the compact SUV with dark details.

UPDATE 7/27/23: A Ford spokesperson confirmed to Car and Driver that the Bronco Sport’s base trim level has been discontinued for the 2024 model year. “We simplified our offerings to align with customer demand while ensuring quality is our top priority,” said Alison Davis, assistant brand manager for Bronco Sport. Dropping the entry-level model means the baby Bronco’s base price rises by about $2000 for 2024. The Big Bend trim, which starts at $32,825, is now the lineup’s entry point.

Remember the 1970s? Whether you do or don’t, the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport will give people a little taste of the vibes in those days with the introduction of the new Free Wheeling special edition. Not only is it inspired by Ford off-roaders from the ’70s, but the compact SUV’s brightly colored graphics and funky red-accented wheels are sure to attract the attention of boomers and millennials alike.

’70s Throwback

The special-edition Bronco Sport is a modern take on Ford’s Free Wheeling décor package that was launched in 1977. Available on the Bronco, F-series trucks, and even vans of the day, the kit had black bumpers, white wagon wheels, and tri-color body decals.

While the 2024 Bronco Sport Free Wheeling lacks black steel bumpers and white steel wheels, its hood, sides, and rear liftgate are emblazoned with reflective colorful stripes similar to those seen on its ancestors. Along with a black-painted roof, there’s a silver grille with contrasting Bronco script. The 17-inch wheels have red pockets that some will likely appreciate, while other will probably hate. We dig ’em.

Inside, the Free Wheeling edition gets a similar sunset-like treatment that brings eye-popping striping on the seatbacks and redish accents on the center stack and upper door panels. The trim on the center console also includes a little plaque that identifies each Bronco Sport as a Free Wheeling edition—as if that wasn’t already obvious.

Black Appearance Pack

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport is also now available with a Black Appearance package that gives off moody vibes. With this option, the compact SUV’s grille and its Bronco lettering are completely blacked out. There are also matte black decals on the hood to match the 17-inch wheels. The roof and exterior badges are also black, and the interior gets a new bucking bronco badge that’s bright yellow. Just kidding, it’s black.

Like the Black Appearance package ($1750), the Bronco Sport Free Wheeling is only offered on Big Bend models. It essentially costs $2500, with a starting price of $35,325. Other changes to the 2024 Bronco Sport lineup are new Azure Gray and Desert Sand paint colors, which can’t be paired with the Bronco Sport Free Wheeling edition, for those who were wondering.

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