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BMW’s price hike in 2023 could be huge

Inflation is incredibly bad right now if you haven’t noticed the fact that everything is more expensive than it used to be. I’m here. BMW has become the latest automaker to raise the price of its vehicles, and those are no small price increases.of G80 Bimmer Post The forums have a page listing prices for 2023 BMW models, with price increases ranging from expensive to very expensive.

Please note that the information on the forum could not be confirmed. The model with the biggest percentage price increase in 2023 is the 330e, with a price increase of 3.7% or $1,600. At the other end of the range, the X4 M40i trim sees the smallest price hike, with prices set to rise 1.2% in 2023, making the SUV $750 more expensive than last year.

BMW’s performance and luxury models will see the biggest price increases in 2023, but by a smaller percentage as they already cost more than most of the brand’s lineup. M3 The competition is up $1,900 or 2.5%. M5 $2,000 more, but 740i is up $2,400 and the 760i xDrive is up $2,800. The smallest increase in price is X1 ($500), i4 eDrive35 ($600), and X4 M40i ($750).

On average, most 2023 models seem to be set for at least a $1,000 price increase.Only a few models like 230iX1, most X3 lineand X4 will see a price increase of less than $1,000 in upcoming model years.

The forum page is BMW “The current economic and political instability combined with the ongoing situation is driving up prices. short supplyAs a result, the prices of raw materials and necessary parts for manufacturing vehicles have increased. The higher price he will take effect from 1 January 2023. Anyone interested in purchasing a new BMW is advised to order the vehicle as soon as possible before prices for 2023 change.

sauce: G80 Bimmerpost Forum

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