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1931 Duesenberg Model J Hidden in Garage for 56 Years

Barn finds aren’t as common as they used to be, but there are still some hidden gems, like this rare 1931 Duesenberg Model J.

classic car youtube channel nobody show It was parked in 1967 to document the recently unearthed Duesenberg story by Auburn Code Duesenberg Company, a Duesenberg specialist in Oklahoma.

This particular car was left to the owner by her father, so it wasn’t actually missing. After decades of neglect in a residential garage, the owner of the car finally got in touch to have the car removed and restored.

Brothers Fred and August Duesenberg Started manufacturing engines For other automakers before launch their first car He sold the business in 1921 and later sold the business to EL Cord. EL Cord has integrated Duesenberg into Auburn and his eponymous Cord brand. Fred Duesenberg remained as chief engineer, but August gradually withdrew from the operation.

1931 Duesenberg Model J Found in Garage

Powered by a sophisticated overhead cam straight 8 engine for its time, the Duesenberg was one of the fastest and most popular cars of its time. However, the decline in luxury car sales due to the Great Depression sealed the company’s fate, and production ceased in 1937.

The relatively small number of Duesenbergs produced and their importance in automotive history make them valuable collectibles.Normal restored example sell for 7 figures auction and take home the prize of the contest.

This also means that a group of dedicated enthusiasts are tracking the rest of the cars.

There have been some famous finds in the Duesenberg barn over the years. 1931 Model J The sedan was pulled out of a New York City parking lot in 2005, and the Model X (no, it’s not what Tesla named it) was found around that time in a garage outside California. Both are now in Jay Leno’s collection.

This car is all the more noteworthy because there doesn’t seem to be much left to find the missing Duesenberg. Of the 481 Model J chassis built, Tono is one of only 25 Murphy-his convertibles with what he calls a “disappeared” upper section stowed under his cover. I was also able to hit 88 mph in second gear. Eat to your heart’s content, DeLorean.

Since it is in a garage, it will be exhibited as it is for the time being, and in the future we plan to carry out a full restoration of competition quality. 1931 Duesenberg Model J Hidden in Garage for 56 Years

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