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What I Learned About Selling a Junker

Eventually, all cars turn into junkers.It doesn’t matter how fancy your ride is, or how great the dealership warranty is.

Eventually, it will become little more than a bucket of bolts that is constantly requiring repairs, draining your bank account while not even performing half as well as it did when you bought it.

Well, when that time comes, you don’t have many more choices than to simply get rid of it.That can seem like a confusing task, and you might be intimidated when you go to do this for the first time.

So, I’ve put together this guide which explains the things I learned when I scrapped my first SUV with a car removal service.

I found this the best way to get rid of a bucket of bolts no one’s willing to buy. Let’s take a look.

It’s Not as Intimidating as it Seems

When I chose my first SUV, I fell in love.That secondhand ride took care of my grocery shopping, work commute, and fresh-out-of-high school activities with ease.

Plus, it had plenty of room to grow with me as I started settling down to start a family.

Alas, when the time came that it was costing more to repair it than it would to just buy a newer, safer, more reliable vehicle, I was a bit intimidated.

Then I found out that there’s no reason to be intimidated at all.

If you search around and put in your due diligence, you can find a great car removal service which offers extremely fair payouts.

Some of the better companies will also walk you through the few steps involved in getting rid of your car on the same day.

Besides a phone call, few questions, and waiting about an hour and a half for a truck to show up, there wasn’t anything else to it.

It’s the Fastest Way to Sell a Car

Selling your junker via traditional routes such as dealership trades or private sales takes forever.

You either need to wait for a buyer to see your “For Sale” sign and hopefully pull the trigger on buying it. But why would they when it is so run down?

Or you need to set an entire day aside to fill out paperwork and listen to several car salesmen push the most expensive, poorly financed cars on you, just to get rid of your junker as you purchase a replacement.

In my case, my SUV still ran. It just wasn’t a good investment for private buyers and dealerships didn’t want it.  If your car doesn’t run at all and can’t be fixed, you’ll be in a worse situation than I was.

The good news is the car removal service I used didn’t waste any of my time.

Once I placed the call, I spent about five minutes speaking to a representative and telling them when they could come to pick it up. Less than two hours later, a tow truck pulled into my driveway, the driver paid me the few hundred dollars it was worth at that point, and my SUV was towed away for free.

It takes longer to make a car accident insurance claim than it does to complete a car removal transaction from start to finish.

They Pay Better than You Think

Like many people, I always assumed a car removal service would toss me ten bucks, drag the car I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into away, and that would be the end of it.

That’s not true.

Car removal services buy cars based on their recycling value. This takes the metal, useable parts, and accessories of your car into account, and you can easily get more than you would by selling the same bucket of bolts to a wary private buyer.

They’re More Legit than Private Buyers or Dealers

When a private buyer purchases your car, they’re looking for the best deal possible for them. When a dealership accepts a trade, they’re looking to give you as little for your car as possible to get the most out of the car you’re trading it towards.

In short, they both have personal agendas.

Car removal services aren’t like that. They take a small percentage from the recycling value of the car to keep their business afloat, and then you get the rest. They’re not looking to resell your car; they just want to recycle it and make money off whatever parts they can pull from it.

Scrap Your Old Junker, ASAP

If you can’t find a buyer for your old junker, don’t keep ignoring the benefits of a car removal service. They’re quick, pay fair, and are more honest about their goals than any other buyer.

When your car finally bites it, call a local car removal service.

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