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VW is not yet accepting reservations for the 2023 ID.4

Shoppers considering buying the Volkswagen ID.4 will be disappointed to hear that the automaker is not yet accepting reservations for the electric SUV. While other automakers urge consumers to order cars amid long wait times and supply chain problems, VW is doing the opposite, asking shoppers to buy new cars at dealerships. I am asking you to find

“New reservations for the ID.4 are now closed. Use our inventory tool to find and purchase an ID.4 from your preferred VW dealer,” says the ID.4 configuration on VW’s website. See Tar.

VW stopped accepting reservations for the 2023 ID.4 last October, according to the VW ID Talk forum. Apparently, Volkswagen made the decision to stop taking orders for its electric SUV last year due to long wait times for the model.

Volkswagen recently Reinstated the EV lease contract this month. Prior to August of last year, VW began applying his $7,500 federal EV tax credit on his ID.4 to consumers who leased electric SUVs. The lease credit is Inflation control law signed into law.

Due to evolving tax guidelines, ID.4 is now tax deductible again.And VW is ready to pass $7,500 federal EV tax credit to shoppers in the form of lease cash incentives.

For shoppers, this ID.4Because there is no guarantee that automakers will pass on the federal tax credit to the lessee. ID.4’s promotion is available until his January 31st. Consumers will still have access to lease her credit, but will need to find a new ID.4 in stock, which can be difficult.

Volkswagen The reason for not accepting reservations for ID.4 and the timing of resuming reservations have not been clarified.

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