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Volkswagen ID.7 electric wagon spy tests for the first time

of Volkswagen ID.7 officially launched It’s a sedan, but what about a wagon?That’s exactly the vehicle we’re looking at here spy picturesI saw this body shape ID.7 for the first time.

This wagon concept car or Volkswagen clarified in LA auto show We are back in 2020.The concept is called spacevisionand VW had confirmed a production version for Europe at the time, but no word on its fate in the US. sell wagons on this side of the seaAlso, because the concept was unveiled in the US rather than Europe, model’s Fate here is still an open question.

The camouflaged car itself is no big surprise, as it looks like a wagon version of the ID.7 sedan. A similar design language to the ID.7 can be seen front and rear, but rather than the sloping sportback shape of a sedan, this model is fully committed to a wagon silhouette. It’s the same as what we’ve seen on the ID.7 public car, and the same can be said for the door handles.

If VW decides to congratulate wagon with us The ID.7 version is expected to share much of the same specs and similar interior design as the sedan. VW says he’s targeting an EPA-rated range of over 300 miles on the sedan, but final specs are yet to come out. Wagons can be miles away from sedans due to their grippy geometry. Rear- and all-wheel-drive models are also available, with the fastest version reaching 60 mph in his sub-5-second range.

Again, all of this could go to waste as VW can continue its strategy of keeping full-size wagons out of America. Passat like these days. However, this electric wagon may not be a forbidden fruit forever, so we will follow its development.

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