Three Technological Changes Within the Cars in the Recent Years

 After a decade of rapid technological advancement, the world we inhabit now is significantly different from the one we knew in the early 2000s. Online streaming, augmented realityand even the birth of Android are all technical breakthroughs of the previous decade, the car sector is no exception. Here in this article are some of the most notable changes in automobile technology over the last decade.

Infotainment in the Car

A decade ago, features like a CD player and cruise control were perceived as extravagances. Now, they’re considered standard equipment. In the past ten years, we’ve become more and more enamoured with the idea of always being connected. An increasing number of people are using social media and instant messaging services and therefore automotive designers and engineers are responding to this trend by creating new vehicles. There are a slew of new technologies emerging to keep us continuously linked to people and information. These include voice-activated controls, Bluetooth connection, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Technology is evolving so fast and other industries are adapting to the change as well, an industry that has incorporated many of the newest technology is the gaming and gambling industry, there are a numerous of online gaming casinos that use top of the range technology within their games, they use virtual reality and other pieces of technology, for more examples of this, you should check out the various platforms listed on the site.

Security Changes in Automobiles

These include keyless entry, keyless start and stop, alarms, and warning systems. Isn’t it amazing that automobiles didn’t have central locking not so long ago? Car security systems were developed in the 1950s, but navigation systems suffered from power drain issues that were solved in the 1970s. Since then, enhanced anti-theft systems and modern technologies have made automobiles more in touch with their surroundings. An important technical development in the recent decade is Black-Box insurance, a telematics system that bases your insurance payments on your driving habits.

Error Avoidance

The safety equipment necessary in every vehicle has advanced significantly in the previous decade. It’s nearly unfathomable that in the early 2000s, two airbags were considered appropriate level of safety. This year, Europe made a huge advancement in mandated safety elements. In addition to standard ESC, all new vehicles sold in the EU must include additional safety features including driver seatbelt reminders and ISOFIX child seat anchoring.


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