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The New Hybrid Engine of Suzuki Vitara (2022)

Since its unveiling six years ago, the Suzuki Vitara has been an average hybrid that hasn’t left an impression in many people’s minds. However, the Vitara has not been a hard sell for customers looking to buy something cheap.

What about the availability of its spare parts? Well, it is easier than ever to find Suzuki genuine parts nowadays, and for this reason, the other hybrids better watch out because the 2022 model packs quite the punch.

As a compact, 5-seater SUV with low maintenance costs, a practical design, and significant savings, few looking for something in this class would ignore the Suzuki Vitara. Of the Suzuki Vitara BBC’s Top Gear says, “Many are more glamorous and most claim to be sportier, but overlook this Suzuki at your peril.” So, what is it about the 2022 Suzuki Vitara’s hybrid engine that makes it worthy of such high praise?

Under the 2022 Suzuki Vitara Hybrid’s Hood

The 2022 Vitara Turbo and Turbo Allgrip models are fully hybrid, which they need to be as competitors in the small SUV class continue to modernize their cars.

The new engine has been designated the name KC15 and is the result of a collaboration between Suzuki and Toyota to use the Toyota Hybrid System on the fully hybrid Suzuki models. However, the powertrain seems to have been developed in-house by Suzuki.

The fully hybrid Vitara model uses a 1.5-liter engine with a displacement of 1,462cc. It outputs 75 kW at 6,000 rpm to deliver 102 HP, with a torque of 138 Nm at 4,400 rpm.

The electric motor outputs 24.6 kW of power and 60 Nm of torque and is powered by a 140 V, 6Ah (0.84kW) Lithium-ion battery.

The six-speed transmission is automated and leverages the power of all-wheel drive for a sportier feel on the open road. The drivetrain layout comes in 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive configurations, with a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 13.5 seconds on the 4-wheel drive and 12.7 seconds on the 2-wheel drive.

Combined, the electric motor and petrol engine output a total power of 85kW, to hit 116 HP. In the Vitara Full Hybrid model, the 6-speed automatic transmission is the default but the Allgrip 4WD system is optional.

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The Suzuki Vitara 2022 Models and Configurations

In 2022, the Suzuki Vitara lineup will have:

  • Two base models — They are both 1.6-liter vehicles using regular unleaded petrol. However, one is a 6-speed automatic and the other a 5-speed manual.
  • Two GL+ models — Like the base models, they have a 1.6-liter engine but different transmission types (6-speed automatic and 5-Speed manual).
  • The S-Turbo (2-wheel drive) — The model comes in one configuration — 6-speed automatic, 1.4-liter, regular unleaded petrol.
  • The S-Turbo Sunroof (4-wheel drive) — Like its closest companion, the 2WD version, the Turbo Sunroof uses a 6-speed automatic transmission and a 1.4-liter, regular unleaded petrol engine.
  • The Turbo and Turbo Allgrip configurations — a 1.4-liter engine using premium unleaded petrol and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The prices vary between the models and depend on where in the world you are located.


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